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images I’ve been camping. This is a new hobby for me, though I’ve been collecting the gear for years and planning on an expedition. It’s a big step to actually put in the action, mind. This is not glamping which I think is a ridiculous middle class concept. No. Camping for me has to be simple. So no electricity link ups, no complicated stoves and certainly no camp beds. One of the great pleasures of camping is feeling my body connecting with the earth. Earthing I believe it is called. It’s said to be good for one’s general health. It is supposed to boost your body’s supply of electrons, which have antioxidant effects,counter inflammation, regulate cortisol dynamics, help sleep and reduce the effects of stress. As well as all that, conductive contact with the earth helps to counter the ‘dirty’ electricity that is polluting the air that surrounds us.So its a shame that ever since my return I’ve felt rather ill…

Never mind, I enjoyed camping very much. The river lulled me to sleep and apart from the pine cones dropping on my tent through the night all was peaceful. My favourite and incredibly simple first night camping meal consisted of udon noodles mixed with a tin of mackerel and large splash of soy sauce and some nibbled herbs I took from my garden. Eaten out of doors, while watching the setting sun, created a memorable meal.The tin plate added to the delight. Don’t ask me why.