If character is destiny mine can be summed up in twelve words: ‘I wrecked my career on a pair of leopard-skin leggings.’ A wrecked career I discovered is a door to untold treasure.

My passions include books, friendship, strong women, funny men, food, fantasy, film, clothes, colour, animals and children, travel and coming home. The list could go on and on.

Although I am over sixty I still believe in the unconventional and in creating an erotic and romantic life beyond what is sanctioned by convention, even if a lot of it is in my head.

I live alone and exist in a very feminine world. I have two daughters and a granddaughter. Alas no dog as Tottie has now gone to the great park in the sky. Men exist largely in the past in the form of two former husbands and a string of discarded lovers. I would like to leave men in my past and replace them with gardening, spirituality and chocolate but that irrepressible romantic and erotic drive often gets in the way. As do crop circles and the exciting world that the quantum revolution is revealing. I live daily the power of being alive at this remarkable time, with the veil between the dimensions growing ever thinner. In fact I live in a world where consciousness and matter are intertwined and magic is everywhere.

So here I am,  poised on the edge of the last but one great adventure (growing old). The last adventure is dying to this world and finding a shining new one coming up right behind it.

I aim to attract you to my world. It is one in which there is life beyond middle age and where I am going is an adventure in itself.  It is the index, the bare bones of books that attract me. It’s like reading a code. It maps a route much like the I Ching does. I like a map or an index. Probably because I am approaching the index of my life.

The bottom line for me is joy -joy in living, thinking and experiencing. I hope I will show you an uplifting and satisfying portrait of life in circumstances a lot of people find difficult( I allude to the process of ageing). Join me for the ride.


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  1. beautiful.
    thank you.


  2. Hello Allie


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