A Week in Wiltshire

ackling_dyke_nr_sixpenny_handley_dorset_UK_29_06_14_49I realise that a week without a post is not a good idea but I’ve been crop circling in Wiltshire without wifi or indeed Internet connection. What felt like a disaster to begin with soon seemed to be a good idea- a relief in fact. A chance to stand and stare at trees and fields. Also a chance to read a real book. It was my second reading of What I Loved by Siri Hustvedt. A clever and engrossing read. I wept twice which is something I rarely do watching clips on my iPad. It made me wonder if the advent of an iPad in my life is such a good thing.
I say I’ve been crop circling but in truth I spent the week reminiscing about previous years as there’s been little activity in Wiltshire, the energy having moved over the border to Dorset. I met up with Charles (Mallet of Silent Circle fame) at The Barge and admired his new space. It is a metal container painted blue with a very striking blue person on the roof. Charles said this represents unity, which has to be a bit of post modern musing on his part. Or wishful thinking. The Wiltshire crop circle world has increasingly polarised in the years I’ve been visiting and this year the so called hoaxers have turned on one another and, according to Charles, started trashing each others efforts. A sad state to be sure. To me this is reminiscent of the behaviour of boys in the playground, without grownups to monitor their activities. The good news is the space in the blue metal container that is Charles’ new place, is full of soul and gave me hope that things will calm down and the energy will return from walkabout, to its natural home in Wiltshire.
In Devizes Monique Klinkenbergh has set up shop in the Museum and you have to pay near enough a fiver to get in and see her professional exhibition of photos and accounts of strange happenings in the fields. There was no one there when I visited and I found the fact that I had to put the light on myself to see the exhibits a metaphor for the whole sorry mess. Not the exhibition, which is laid out in Ikea like order, but the warfare that is being waged around the fields themselves. Interesting that the Museum now hosts photos of circles in fields along side artefacts from the battle between Roundheads and Cavaliers. Food for thought there about history, truth and the greater plan.
Thanks to Steve Alexander for the photo (above) of the formation at Ackling Dyke Nr Sixpenny Handley, Dorset.


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