What’s going on?

08d760d0a-1Thoughts skimmed off the top of my head tell me the whole of creation is aimed at creating the level of consciousness that can observe the whole of creation.
What a thought!
Another one is that there is an attractor at the end of the Universe that is creating the path through everything, so that the above can happen.
Evolution is not moving from beginning to end, finding its way blindly, whatever Dawkins might say. No, it is much more complex than that and much more intelligent.
The rules established at the beginning of time allow all life to emerge and for different forms of expression to move along paths (created by the blueprint) towards a united set of conclusions.
DNA doesn’t create form: vibration creates form. Invisible waves map possible paths that the life force is bound to follow. These paths are full of potency. It is the pattern that is life, not the material itself.
Water has the miraculous capacity to seek and store these patterns.
Plasma which makes up 99.9% of the Universe operates as a field because of the pattern of potential.
The patterning forms the rules of ratio. Harmony is pleasing/beautiful because it mirrors who we are and how we are made.
In the words of one of my heroes, Freeman Dyson, “The Universe knew we were coming.”
These are my thoughts this morning. I’ve no idea if they are true but they resonate with me and that makes me feel safe in a world that in many ways seems to be going to hell in a handcart.
PS I’d love to acknowledge the painting at the top of this post. If you know who painted it please let me know.


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