Cooking and Sex

Spain110It seems to me that successful blogs are those that either focus on food or sex. If this is so I guess I will never have a successful blog. Success I remind myself daily is not what this is all about. It is about the getting of meaning.
It is said that all great civilisations, at the point of their collapse, valued their chefs above all else. Oh help. Every time I turn the TV on (which isn’t often) there is a cooking programme on. Where is the meaning in watching people produce ugly meals under cruel conditions?
No, I’ll not spend time telling you in great detail about my recipe for idiot-proof bread, mainly because this time it failed to rise and is sitting heavily in the bin. Humility is never far away when I am cooking. And the subject of sex doesn’t thrill me as much as it used to. A lot of time has passed since I actually wrote “Starting at the End’ and I have to admit to a certain nostalgia for the sparky middle aged woman I was once. Things are definitely changing around here. I am daily having to accept a creeping weakness of the body and a pallid wash where once there was intense yearning. I don’t like it but I accept it and am grateful that I have so many interesting ideas to ponder, like the possibility that the Egyptians had figured how to use the planets as dimensional lenses or that life creates the Universe and not the other way around.
Socrates said that the the aim of all philosophy is to teach us how to die. He also said that the unexamined life is not worth living. So that’s what I’m doing here-examining and so creating meaning. It will lead me to the place where we are all headed and when I get there I will have no regrets, as I will have used my time meaningfully.
Maybe I’ll look for a course in Wabi Sabi-the Japanese art of placing things together so that one is put in touch with inner emptiness. Even in Kyoto I long for Kyoto. That sort of thing.
Whatever happens, as the process of ageing continues, I will continue shooting my arrow and only then paint the bullseye in.


2 responses to “Cooking and Sex

  1. Thoroughly enjoying your blogs Allie. I agree that life must be lived to the full and, as you say, that means adding as much meaning as possible. In my view meaning doesn’t have to equate with complexity, rather a simple life, well lived, with the needs of others uppermost is ideal. I’ll await your next blog with interest.


    • Thanks Derwood for your comments. My next post will share some insights on the Hadron Collider!
      I know how full life is and how hard it is to respond to what we read so I appreciate you taking the time.Ax


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