The eyes have it

images-2Christ wasn’t the first to introduce the idea that there is a mystery hidden at the heart of life. His teachings come from the much older Egyptian Schools. The symbols of the schools were the right eye of Horus controlling the left brain and the left eye of Horus controlling the right brain. The aim of the 12 years study of each eye was the integration of left and right sides, leading to unity consciousness: the kingdom of heaven if you like.

At the core of these teachings lay an Initiation and through that Initiation, a way into new thought and feeling. But first one must seek.

The study of sacred geometry allows this integration to take place and it no longer takes a quarter of one’s lifespan to do it.The more I study sacred geometry,the deeper I go into the mystery. The deeper I go into the mystery, the more it all seems to hold together. I find the thought of having an intelligence behind it all, guiding its evolution, very reassuring.

Sacred means eternal and it is the sacred motions of spirit within the void that map the traces between 3D and 4D. This is the rotational vortex energy pattern that is the basis of creation: how the Universe is unified within an interactive field. Thus the root of cause becomes the blossoming of effect. In every aspect of our lives. Contemplating this in silence turns my body into the ear of the Universe. If I listen to my being without interpretation, I become one with the mystery. I like that feeling very much.


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