The Fourth Dimension

imagesAnother crop circling year is off to a fine start and I am, as always, caught up in the excitement of wondering what’s going on both inside and out. Down the rabbit hole I go and find on my way that the differentiation from the monad (one) is a vibrating infrastructure of energetic pathways, fractal and holographic. This is sacred geometry and being in its presence helps my body into harmony. It fixes me.

It fixes me because I am following the matrix of creation and that is a lovely feeling. The soul of the human is part of nested fractals of resonance and reflection. I am , when I hover at this point, purposeful on the deepest levels, for through me the Consciousness of Source experiences itself. Because of this, I am designed to enjoy relationship, explore endless possibilities,  experience joy and  continue developing, right up to the point at which the vessel gives way under the pressures of the laws of physics, and I am released into the pure form of what I glimpse when I am in a crop formation. The fourth dimension I believe it is called.

Fractal growth takes place along the 4D trajectory. The best way of observing the principles of this growth is by watching symmetrical motion via fast track photography. This is growth along invisible lines and it is this growth that brings the world to life. It moves along the lines drawn but unseen between the acorn and the oak or the fertilised ovary and the birth of a baby.

The material world is only the outer skin of a more dynamic place that exists beyond it. The movement from the centre takes place along ORDAINED lines and wherever they wander, they stay connected to the centre. All life forms, dissolves and reforms within this simple/vast frame. Thus the centre is by its very nature everywhere. All growth is radiant matter. It has an invisible but essential outer form.

This means that the 4th dimension is inside us AND we are inside it. Getting my head around that paradox keeps me out of mischief. The spiritus mundi, I believe the alchemists called it. They knew there was geometry within the moment-that the hidden tune that directs all matter is geometric. The division and restructuring of atoms and the movement of molecules is dictated  by invisible lines that are connected and can be adjusted by human intention. Physical energy acts upon physical bodies and astral energy acts upon the level beyond.

Always look for the traces of the motions; they run through your life. It is all connected. In the beginning and in the end there is only One Mind. Consciousness is an intrinsic part of the design. Look within and see the unity, the shape , the pattern…and rejoice. The formations are our annual reminder that the movement from the centre is geometric and what doesn’t fit sooner or later falls away.


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