The Magus

images-3Some years ago I met a man who was, I believe, a Magus. The first time I entered his room I had a flash of golden cloth cloaking his shoulders and the trace of of crown on his head. I was all set to be taught his particular brand of alchemy but between the paying of the cheque and the date of the course he had a heart attack and died. I was sorry about the loss of the money of course but most of all I was sorry to have missed the chance to mine the seam of interesting theories he had picked up during a lifetime of travel and infinite curiosity.

He was a great believer in left- nostril breathing, being convinced that the negative air ions that are so important for health enter the body through the left nostril and the positive ones through the right. Wacky though it sounds I intuitively knew that he was right. I am sensitive to certain winds and, as you know, am prone to madness when they blow. The Witches’ Winds they are called. They are the Santa Ana (California) Mistral (Provence) Duster (Australia) Chinook(Canada) Fohn(Switzerland and Germany) Sharav(Israel) Hamsin(Egypt) and the Harmattan (Africa) They bring colds, fatigue, depression,irritability and a diminished sex drive, to list a little of the mayhem they create. Social unrest, from traffic offences to murder, soars when the Witches’ Winds blow.

This is because of the build up of positive ions in the air, creating massive electrical distortions in sensitive bodies. These are the ill winds that blow. Fortunately they blow in a transitory, seasonal cycle.  Left to nature that is. The artificial man-made weather that many of us suspect is being engineered by chemtrails , and the artificial indoor atmosphere created by air conditioning, play havoc with the nervous system, resulting in serotonin overproduction and  all sorts of nervous problems. Too much serotonin poisons and my Magus knew that negative ions boost the immune system, promoting healing and recovery.  I can’t find any evidence for left nostril breathing being a scientific solution but do you know what? I don’t care. It is easy to implement, costs nothing and works for me. After all one doesn’t meet a Magus every day.



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