Round in Circles

1jk1Yesterday the first satisfying circle of the year came down. Thanks to Mr Gyro for the image. A pentagon overlaid with a five pointed star. Nicely laid.

Five years ago I decided to dive into the crop circle world and see for myself what was going on. No, I haven’t yet reached any conclusions, other than that human beings go mad in crowds and regain their sanity with individual reflection.

I walk the fields, I read, I try to see from all sides and I move through the phenomenon with my eyes wide open, aware that the interesting things always happen on the periphery.  I stay away from the the darkness that creations of light attract. I see the flattened golden crop on the ground but it is the photographs from above that reflect the true magic in the shades of metallic gleam that grow firmer as the crop matures. This is what creates the call from deep within. It is an intuition that somehow a greater intelligence is at work here,  showing that it is geometry that connects all into one and that a human connection is required for the mystery to manifest.

The evolution of the formations over the last twenty years has brought the sacred nature of geometry to mind, for the designs in crop create a liminal space where anything might happen. On one level they are works of art, on another they are spiritual Rorschach tests that tell us more about belief, psyche, peer pressure, and religious experience than they do about aliens. They could even tell us more about homeopathy(but that’s another post)

It is the emotional subtext that hooks us time and again. Being present to these designs alters our body chemistry is some mysterious way. The resulting emotional surge creates an inner state of transcendence. This feels like borderline initiation-a revelation into a great secret. This feeling is what keeps us coming back for more.

There is a delicate balance between the makers, the interpreters and the punters, creating an enigma for which the mind can find no satisfying explanation. In a world where explanations exist for most things, what a relief it is to be in the presence of a mystery. From here I can so easily follow the arrows which point to the conclusion that another world exists within this one and that the ancestors who knew so much more than we do now, are giving us a chance to relate to the higher purpose, that we so easily forget is the point of being encased within this three dimensional form.

A.N. Whitehead suggested that quantum physics needs to be rewritten as a general theory of the organism, because it is all process that creates patterns flows and influences. Crop formations are a reminder that though each experience is linked to a particular observer,  at the deepest level it is all entangled.  It is an organic Universe so why should I be surprised by the exotic sound of the language with which I hear it speak?



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