Starting at the End

BOOKCOVERrevisedToday I have published my first book on Kindle. As you can see it’s called Starting at the End and can found here. It’s easy to download a free Kindle app for your iPad or computer.

Publishing on line is an adventure in itself. Learning how to manage one’s output is a whole lot more difficult than producing the output.  So it’s a good job that the universe is supporting me in this project. The teacher appears when the student is ready. Indeed.  So my thanks go to the ever patient James at the Apple store and to Ang Harper who did the cover. What fun we had, with me on a bright yellow birthing stool and Ang under the table clicking away. We didn’t use that photo but it was so in the spirit of the whole book that I thought you’d like the mental image.


2 responses to “Starting at the End

  1. asuggestion on your wordpress newsletter: it arrives in my inbox as “donotreplay” and newslettter date,
    by now i know not to delete it but it should have a more identifying name.
    i enjoy reading them (i am in Washington, DC(


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