A State of Grace

images-3I believe it was Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff who said,  ‘Gain internal freedom -it will bring you a happy old age’. It sits well with Simone Weil’s, ‘Learn to be alone serenely, otherwise you may despise yourself ‘, don’t you think?  Interior and exterior independence as a state of grace.  Clearing the space for it to arrive, this state of personal freedom, is a lifetime’s task. I’m no where near achieving it yet.

Freedom from what I ask myself? The answer comes. Freedom from fear, freedom from anxiety, freedom from the illusion that I have any authority over outcomes. Freedom from the anchor of stuff. Freedom from concern over what other people think. Most of all freedom from the fear of dying.

It’s the stuff that holds me back. I get rid of it and then open my arms to receive it again. Over and over. This is the way of the world. Movement.

My life is a Wunderkammern-a wonder chamber or cabinet of curiosities. If I keep the contents to myself they will grow stale. Best to let them go into cyberspace; all the skeletons, shells, pebbles, toys and jewels both real and metaphorical I let go with love, so that others can pick over the bits and pieces and come to their own conclusions.

Leaving me freedom for my happy ageing.



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