Siri the First

imagesI’ve admired Siri Hustvedt’s  intellectual and literary power for a long time, to say nothing of her lifestyle. I thought What I Loved was a fantastic novel, though I can’t remember a thing about it. This is no doubt down to my ageing process in action or perhaps reverse action, rather than a reflection of her plotting technique. Anyway when I saw she was going to be talking about her latest novel in Foyles, (my favourite bookshop), I booked a ticket and went. I’ll gloss over the gloriousness of her unadorned appearance , her youthful good looks and the way she wound her long model legs around one another, even though she ‘s approaching sixty- she obviously does yoga- and move on to something she said that has sent a low rumble through my undercarriage.

She was talking about her latest book (of course) The Blazing World and mentioned that she had given the final word in the difficult and complicated plot to a character she obviously had no respect for: a girl with the fantastic name Sweet Autumn Pinkney, who Siri called ‘a new age fruitcake’ and then  proceeded to describe me!

I haven’t read the book yet. I’ve been too busy getting my own into cyberspace. What a long strange process that has been.  But I’m nearly there and soon I will have a domain from which to promote myself and my book of memoirs. It’s called Starting at the End and although my daughter said that my image on the cover ‘looks like a prostitute, Mumsie’ I push on. And I might as well add ‘new age fruitcake’ to my resume. It’s best to be honest.  I’ve decided that to be a figment of Siri’s imagination is quite an achievement. After all she’s not a figment of mine… or is she?


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