High Adventure

ma_angles_amb0I’m always up for what Joseph Campbell called ‘the soul’s high adventure’. After all I have reached the stage where there seems less likelihood of betrayal on this high road than on the uneven pavements of my home city or indeed the betrayals of my nervous system. With every year, as the attractions of the mystical become more intense, I stand poised ready to hear the secret call and set off on the dangerous solitary transit to the centre where I will be one with the whole of creation.

There is,  I have found on the route so far, a deep seated and special connection between the unseen and the seen.  Spurred on by the dynamics of my psyche I enter a world where knotted cords have long mapped temple space and circles appear that ring the harmony of truth. My Kabbalah teaching tells me that each person has a certain task to fulfil that no one else can take care of. My task is to find my own route to the still centre. I find my way through glimpses and peripheral glances, through dreams and intuitions to the place where unity resides and when I get there I will align myself to that place. Task completed. Purpose fulfilled. Death implicit. The paths may be many but the destination is one and only one person at a time can make it to the place of unification.

What exciting times we live in. Never has it been easier to get hold of a map. The reward is ecstasy. The climax of a multidimensional form of spiritual arousal. The preparation has been long. How many lifetimes of ritual and anguish have brought me here? My race memory tells of sacrifices. Ritualistic strangling and stabbing and boats burned over and over as I transverse time in my long strange journey to the centre. I’m still not there but the glimpses are getting more vivid. The ever deepening experience of spirit is one of the many good things about living long.

So the process I have learned is all about giving up Allie-self and becoming a selfless instrument for the diffusion of light and love to all beings. I have my knotted rope to hand and am slowly building the temple within. Then death itself will have a purpose and with the burning of my boat I will move into the place of unity…again. Can life get more meaningful or more exciting than that?


2 responses to “High Adventure

  1. So happy to have you back. Love, Lena


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