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What’s going on?

08d760d0a-1Thoughts skimmed off the top of my head tell me the whole of creation is aimed at creating the level of consciousness that can observe the whole of creation.
What a thought!
Another one is that there is an attractor at the end of the Universe that is creating the path through everything, so that the above can happen.
Evolution is not moving from beginning to end, finding its way blindly, whatever Dawkins might say. No, it is much more complex than that and much more intelligent.
The rules established at the beginning of time allow all life to emerge and for different forms of expression to move along paths (created by the blueprint) towards a united set of conclusions.
DNA doesn’t create form: vibration creates form. Invisible waves map possible paths that the life force is bound to follow. These paths are full of potency. It is the pattern that is life, not the material itself.
Water has the miraculous capacity to seek and store these patterns.
Plasma which makes up 99.9% of the Universe operates as a field because of the pattern of potential.
The patterning forms the rules of ratio. Harmony is pleasing/beautiful because it mirrors who we are and how we are made.
In the words of one of my heroes, Freeman Dyson, “The Universe knew we were coming.”
These are my thoughts this morning. I’ve no idea if they are true but they resonate with me and that makes me feel safe in a world that in many ways seems to be going to hell in a handcart.
PS I’d love to acknowledge the painting at the top of this post. If you know who painted it please let me know.


Cooking and Sex

Spain110It seems to me that successful blogs are those that either focus on food or sex. If this is so I guess I will never have a successful blog. Success I remind myself daily is not what this is all about. It is about the getting of meaning.
It is said that all great civilisations, at the point of their collapse, valued their chefs above all else. Oh help. Every time I turn the TV on (which isn’t often) there is a cooking programme on. Where is the meaning in watching people produce ugly meals under cruel conditions?
No, I’ll not spend time telling you in great detail about my recipe for idiot-proof bread, mainly because this time it failed to rise and is sitting heavily in the bin. Humility is never far away when I am cooking. And the subject of sex doesn’t thrill me as much as it used to. A lot of time has passed since I actually wrote “Starting at the End’ and I have to admit to a certain nostalgia for the sparky middle aged woman I was once. Things are definitely changing around here. I am daily having to accept a creeping weakness of the body and a pallid wash where once there was intense yearning. I don’t like it but I accept it and am grateful that I have so many interesting ideas to ponder, like the possibility that the Egyptians had figured how to use the planets as dimensional lenses or that life creates the Universe and not the other way around.
Socrates said that the the aim of all philosophy is to teach us how to die. He also said that the unexamined life is not worth living. So that’s what I’m doing here-examining and so creating meaning. It will lead me to the place where we are all headed and when I get there I will have no regrets, as I will have used my time meaningfully.
Maybe I’ll look for a course in Wabi Sabi-the Japanese art of placing things together so that one is put in touch with inner emptiness. Even in Kyoto I long for Kyoto. That sort of thing.
Whatever happens, as the process of ageing continues, I will continue shooting my arrow and only then paint the bullseye in.

The eyes have it

images-2Christ wasn’t the first to introduce the idea that there is a mystery hidden at the heart of life. His teachings come from the much older Egyptian Schools. The symbols of the schools were the right eye of Horus controlling the left brain and the left eye of Horus controlling the right brain. The aim of the 12 years study of each eye was the integration of left and right sides, leading to unity consciousness: the kingdom of heaven if you like.

At the core of these teachings lay an Initiation and through that Initiation, a way into new thought and feeling. But first one must seek.

The study of sacred geometry allows this integration to take place and it no longer takes a quarter of one’s lifespan to do it.The more I study sacred geometry,the deeper I go into the mystery. The deeper I go into the mystery, the more it all seems to hold together. I find the thought of having an intelligence behind it all, guiding its evolution, very reassuring.

Sacred means eternal and it is the sacred motions of spirit within the void that map the traces between 3D and 4D. This is the rotational vortex energy pattern that is the basis of creation: how the Universe is unified within an interactive field. Thus the root of cause becomes the blossoming of effect. In every aspect of our lives. Contemplating this in silence turns my body into the ear of the Universe. If I listen to my being without interpretation, I become one with the mystery. I like that feeling very much.

The Fourth Dimension

imagesAnother crop circling year is off to a fine start and I am, as always, caught up in the excitement of wondering what’s going on both inside and out. Down the rabbit hole I go and find on my way that the differentiation from the monad (one) is a vibrating infrastructure of energetic pathways, fractal and holographic. This is sacred geometry and being in its presence helps my body into harmony. It fixes me.

It fixes me because I am following the matrix of creation and that is a lovely feeling. The soul of the human is part of nested fractals of resonance and reflection. I am , when I hover at this point, purposeful on the deepest levels, for through me the Consciousness of Source experiences itself. Because of this, I am designed to enjoy relationship, explore endless possibilities,  experience joy and  continue developing, right up to the point at which the vessel gives way under the pressures of the laws of physics, and I am released into the pure form of what I glimpse when I am in a crop formation. The fourth dimension I believe it is called.

Fractal growth takes place along the 4D trajectory. The best way of observing the principles of this growth is by watching symmetrical motion via fast track photography. This is growth along invisible lines and it is this growth that brings the world to life. It moves along the lines drawn but unseen between the acorn and the oak or the fertilised ovary and the birth of a baby.

The material world is only the outer skin of a more dynamic place that exists beyond it. The movement from the centre takes place along ORDAINED lines and wherever they wander, they stay connected to the centre. All life forms, dissolves and reforms within this simple/vast frame. Thus the centre is by its very nature everywhere. All growth is radiant matter. It has an invisible but essential outer form.

This means that the 4th dimension is inside us AND we are inside it. Getting my head around that paradox keeps me out of mischief. The spiritus mundi, I believe the alchemists called it. They knew there was geometry within the moment-that the hidden tune that directs all matter is geometric. The division and restructuring of atoms and the movement of molecules is dictated  by invisible lines that are connected and can be adjusted by human intention. Physical energy acts upon physical bodies and astral energy acts upon the level beyond.

Always look for the traces of the motions; they run through your life. It is all connected. In the beginning and in the end there is only One Mind. Consciousness is an intrinsic part of the design. Look within and see the unity, the shape , the pattern…and rejoice. The formations are our annual reminder that the movement from the centre is geometric and what doesn’t fit sooner or later falls away.

The Magus

images-3Some years ago I met a man who was, I believe, a Magus. The first time I entered his room I had a flash of golden cloth cloaking his shoulders and the trace of of crown on his head. I was all set to be taught his particular brand of alchemy but between the paying of the cheque and the date of the course he had a heart attack and died. I was sorry about the loss of the money of course but most of all I was sorry to have missed the chance to mine the seam of interesting theories he had picked up during a lifetime of travel and infinite curiosity.

He was a great believer in left- nostril breathing, being convinced that the negative air ions that are so important for health enter the body through the left nostril and the positive ones through the right. Wacky though it sounds I intuitively knew that he was right. I am sensitive to certain winds and, as you know, am prone to madness when they blow. The Witches’ Winds they are called. They are the Santa Ana (California) Mistral (Provence) Duster (Australia) Chinook(Canada) Fohn(Switzerland and Germany) Sharav(Israel) Hamsin(Egypt) and the Harmattan (Africa) They bring colds, fatigue, depression,irritability and a diminished sex drive, to list a little of the mayhem they create. Social unrest, from traffic offences to murder, soars when the Witches’ Winds blow.

This is because of the build up of positive ions in the air, creating massive electrical distortions in sensitive bodies. These are the ill winds that blow. Fortunately they blow in a transitory, seasonal cycle.  Left to nature that is. The artificial man-made weather that many of us suspect is being engineered by chemtrails , and the artificial indoor atmosphere created by air conditioning, play havoc with the nervous system, resulting in serotonin overproduction and  all sorts of nervous problems. Too much serotonin poisons and my Magus knew that negative ions boost the immune system, promoting healing and recovery.  I can’t find any evidence for left nostril breathing being a scientific solution but do you know what? I don’t care. It is easy to implement, costs nothing and works for me. After all one doesn’t meet a Magus every day.


Round in Circles

1jk1Yesterday the first satisfying circle of the year came down. Thanks to Mr Gyro for the image. A pentagon overlaid with a five pointed star. Nicely laid.

Five years ago I decided to dive into the crop circle world and see for myself what was going on. No, I haven’t yet reached any conclusions, other than that human beings go mad in crowds and regain their sanity with individual reflection.

I walk the fields, I read, I try to see from all sides and I move through the phenomenon with my eyes wide open, aware that the interesting things always happen on the periphery.  I stay away from the the darkness that creations of light attract. I see the flattened golden crop on the ground but it is the photographs from above that reflect the true magic in the shades of metallic gleam that grow firmer as the crop matures. This is what creates the call from deep within. It is an intuition that somehow a greater intelligence is at work here,  showing that it is geometry that connects all into one and that a human connection is required for the mystery to manifest.

The evolution of the formations over the last twenty years has brought the sacred nature of geometry to mind, for the designs in crop create a liminal space where anything might happen. On one level they are works of art, on another they are spiritual Rorschach tests that tell us more about belief, psyche, peer pressure, and religious experience than they do about aliens. They could even tell us more about homeopathy(but that’s another post)

It is the emotional subtext that hooks us time and again. Being present to these designs alters our body chemistry is some mysterious way. The resulting emotional surge creates an inner state of transcendence. This feels like borderline initiation-a revelation into a great secret. This feeling is what keeps us coming back for more.

There is a delicate balance between the makers, the interpreters and the punters, creating an enigma for which the mind can find no satisfying explanation. In a world where explanations exist for most things, what a relief it is to be in the presence of a mystery. From here I can so easily follow the arrows which point to the conclusion that another world exists within this one and that the ancestors who knew so much more than we do now, are giving us a chance to relate to the higher purpose, that we so easily forget is the point of being encased within this three dimensional form.

A.N. Whitehead suggested that quantum physics needs to be rewritten as a general theory of the organism, because it is all process that creates patterns flows and influences. Crop formations are a reminder that though each experience is linked to a particular observer,  at the deepest level it is all entangled.  It is an organic Universe so why should I be surprised by the exotic sound of the language with which I hear it speak?


Starting at the End

BOOKCOVERrevisedToday I have published my first book on Kindle. As you can see it’s called Starting at the End and can found here. It’s easy to download a free Kindle app for your iPad or computer.

Publishing on line is an adventure in itself. Learning how to manage one’s output is a whole lot more difficult than producing the output.  So it’s a good job that the universe is supporting me in this project. The teacher appears when the student is ready. Indeed.  So my thanks go to the ever patient James at the Apple store and to Ang Harper who did the cover. What fun we had, with me on a bright yellow birthing stool and Ang under the table clicking away. We didn’t use that photo but it was so in the spirit of the whole book that I thought you’d like the mental image.