Chin up Allie

Whenever I travel I leave my flat in what Aunty Mu calls a ‘death state’. This means that everything must be tidy and wills etc easily found. I always leave a letter to my girls ending with Wittgenstein’s words, “Tell them that I had a wonderful life.” It’s true. I wouldn’t like anyone to think that I’ve wasted my time on this planet.

So here I am, like the metaphorical dervish, sewing and cleaning and to-ing and fro-ing. I even managed to fit in a meeting last night to attempt to halt the inexorable tide of supermarkets in our High Street. There was an annoying photographer there from the local rag, flashing every five seconds and out of the zillions of photos he could have chosen, there in tonight’s edition is one of me with three chins writing intensely in my notebook. Life is very humbling isn’t it?  No chance of hubris building up in me as I am reminded of my less attractive qualities, just as I am in the act of creating a wardrobe intended to get me noticed in Fes at a time when it will be choc ful of the world’s most colourful musicians.Hey ho. At least I have been given a reminder to keep my chin up at all times. Never a bad thing when one is facing up to solitary travel.


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