If I ever get around to getting myself tattooed, the image I will choose will be of an ouroboros and it will be on my left ankle, just above the bone.  I choose this symbol because it represents the astonishing links between the microworld and the cosmos. Pursuing these links give my life excitement and meaning, so wearing this symbol seems somehow apt. What’s that? people will ask and I will say,’It’s an ouroboros. Interconnectedness rocks in my world’. And they will quickly move away, muttering something along the lines of ‘Allie bores us.’

Their loss I say. In the model above see how humans stand at the very middle of the snake’s body, representing the role of consciousness in that interconnectedness. It is through the human being that the whole thing finds completion, not in a point but rather in a process. The inner reaches of outer space are all contained in one circle of being, within which growth and destruction have their crucible; which brings me neatly to the subject of death.

We all have to live and grow to understand the power of loss. It is, after all, with us every passing minute. But how many people do you know face up to the reality of their own death? Most people spend their lives looking the other way, avoiding at all costs what they believe to be a cataclysmic end. Not me. I believe that death is in fact our most practised activity. It is essentially a movement between planes of consciousness. I practise this every night when I  leave my physical body and go, through sleep, into another realm of consciousness. Death is only a longer departure from the physical plane and a breaking of the thread of current that maps a return to the body. When this happens my body, lacking the principle of coherence, will then disintegrate.  I will be conscious but on another plane, without form for a while,  but still part of the spiritual whole; the metaphorical serpent eating its own tail. So that’s why, when I get around to having a tattoo, it will be of an ouroboros.


3 responses to “Ouroboros

  1. Allan Rozarto

    A friend of mine shared this video (http://goo.gl/TOHxN) on facebook and the content reminded me of that diagram of the ouroboros that I had seen in a book (can’t remember which one for the life of me, wasn’t that exact one but similar). Anyways, thought I would tell you this little story and compliment you on your writing and your ideas. I too think death and sleep in a very similar fashion. After reading your about me section I found we had more similar thought patterns. So yeah, maybe I’ll keep reading your blog maybe I won’t, take care in your endeavors, they are indeed noble!


  2. Allan Rozarto

    oh oops, I meant to say that a google image search lead me here 😀


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