I’m off to celebrate the wedding with Aunty Mu who will be 100 years old very soon. I have made a chocolate cake with frosting so thick it comes up to the knees of the married couple on the top. These are two wooden creatures I have unearthed from my china cabinet as suitable representatives of the event. One is a sailor with his arms outstretched and the bride herself is a coy rabbit in a wedding gown with a bouquet almost as large as her husband. I have bought the bunting to hang from the bookcase and the cold lunch, so that we can sit without any disturbances through the whole event. I have drawn the line at installing a comode.

From all this activity you might think that I am a Royalist and that I am a great fan of weddings. Not so on both counts. I think the Royal family is a tad ridiculous and very unnecessary and I have rarely met a married couple that I would call healthily happy. So what is this rush of enthusiasm all about? Well, I love celebrating life and watching big events with Aunty Mu does just that. Aware as I always am that she is not going to be around for many more, gives the wedding a certain frisson. And the older I get, the more I become impressed by the organisational exactness of pageantry. Maybe there is an awareness that this is something else that is not going to be around for much longer.

So on Friday I will be up and watching as soon as soon as the BBC is open for business. I will probably watch the whole thing in pyjamas. What is for sure is that I will throw myself wholeheartedly into the event, cheering and laughing and oohing and aahing  without restraint. And while I do, I will spare a moment’s thought for those poor sods too cynical or sad to join a nation in celebration of something as ephemeral and yet as universal as a couple’s wedding- day joy.


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