The Mirror Twins

“What have you been up to lately, Mumsie?” This is Mimi being polite. I could see the panic on her face when I started telling her about an amazing book I’ve been reading about the similarities between the I Ching and the Genetic Code.” I hope your not going to tell me about it,” she said quickly. “No,” I replied and got on with cooking the roast lamb, wondering if my children have ever connected my new found serenity and happiness with the difficult notions that I doggedly pursue. Or whether it matters at all as long as I know.  But ever one for sharing out my good fortune and giving others a chance to find what I have found, here I go.

Life is a photon exchange that operates like a language. Its centre of operation lies within DNA. In order to understand what I write about you have to ‘see’ in a new way, for we see only what we want to believe(and vice versa?) Stay locked in materialism if you want to, millions do. But me? Not likely. I have built myself a pod from which to explore the picture in its entirety. That pod is the belief in an overseeing consciousness or intelligence. I prefer not to call it God, because of the semantic chicanery held within that word. I know language to be alive, so I try to use it carefully. And language is what this post is about-a language of waves and frequencies that inform and link up every living thing.  DNA is the transformer; the centre for a universal system of communication;  ultra violet biosignals that ‘ride’ the spirals and activate specific codons. The messages have to be true to fit the whole, as dud signals lead to cancer etc. They can put out the light those duds. So through DNA, everything living is both whole and interconnected. It works along the principle of a cell of the whole where each individual cell is both autonmous and interconnected. This is the world of polarity.

DNA is powered by a stream of transcendental information that is totally synchronistic across time and space, which is what gives it ‘life’. The soul of the system is energy, which has a spiritual aspect. To see what I am talking about one has to rise above the rational and see over it into the beginnings of a new consciousness, one that accepts and exists in a place where poles are integrated (Gebser’s integral). This polar thinking is what the I Ching is all about.  Both DNA and the I Ching observe the rule that nature takes the most energy- saving path, which is the same 64 triplet system. Thus mind and matter cross in the genetic code, according to the most economical principle. If you like the analogy, the keyboard of life is played  by the vibrations of wave mechanics, right across life. For more about this look at the work of FA Popp.

The time has come to see in a more integrated way. It’s not about science v mysticism any more but seeing with an all -encompassing polarity. Only then will we know that we are participants in a whole; dynamic and dancing in time to an innate rhythm. This is the poetry of form.

This way of seeing is deeply comforting, as it rests of the surety that the whole universe is created ground up or bottom down (who am I to know which?) as one. It has order and is determined by law. The law of the spiral which in each turn is indicative of progress(time passed) and change. The Book of Changes(turns), otherwise known as the I Ching is, like DNA, the coded representation of a whole structural plan; a plan with unity of theme, spirit and intellect. It represents what is, not just what is seen.

It is in this knowledge that we humans, caught up in the sadness and grief of everyday living, can find respite. This is why Carl Jung said the I Ching was a book that could occupy one’s full attention for a lifetime and still leave its depth untapped. But each twist and turn on the way will bring a sense of peace, as we can find our place in any part and rest in the comfort of the whole; our bodies speak the language. This is what the ancients called bliss.


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