Tempus fugit all right

Mo has just mailed me an interesting book on the connection between the I Ching and the genetic code. It’s called  The Hidden Key of Life by Dr Martin Schonberger. I am starting to get quite excited about seeing Mo again. He might be the only man left on earth who can both see me as I was and appreciate me as I am. That is spanning a hell of a divide. I was young and beautiful when we were last together. Long chestnut hair, pert boobs, trim in the places where I used to play. No longer I’m afraid. But what can you expect?It was near enough half a century ago after all.

I am going to watch The Wedding with Aunt Mu. She will throw a hundred year perspective on the pageantry and immaculate timing that we British are so good at. The last royal wedding doesn’t seem that long ago but in fact it was over thirty years. I remember doing the ironing while I watched. My life has totally changed since then. For starters I don’t do any ironing.

There is already a sense of anticipation on the streets. A rash of Bank Holidays and the hot weather are both helping. We get our summer in April and May now and from then it’s downhill. Here in the city there is a Tennessee Williams vibe on our street, with the smell of roasting meat and laughter from a hundred back gardens mixing in the pollution above our heads.

Here in The Warren there is a more contemplative vibe. In another thirty years it will be over for me and that doesn’t seem a very long time. Everything is moving so fast it seems to me. Even the leaves came out in my road in three days flat, like fast forward photography. This fills me with a sadness. It will all be over too soon and there is nothing I can do to slow things down. Or is there? I have noticed that by doing less the time passes more slowly, so sometime up ahead I can just stop being curious and settle into just being. But not yet -there is still too much to learn and wonder over. Like the possibility that the turns of the DNA are like tree rings and represent the annals of the race from the dawn of history. What we can learn from both DNA and the I Ching is that they are both textbooks of polarity. Maybe the time has come to move from either/or into both/and. The Chinese have been doing it for ever

Did you know that the mass of DNA strands of the whole of humanity would fill only a walnut shell-  and yet they are matter? All the rest of the world is based on this gossamer thread. And all that the world is can be reduced to a code of 64 words and 8 powers. It can all be mapped out in a straight line from the creation of elements in the heart of stars to the absolute special status of human consciousness. Contemplation of this should keep me happy for a while yet. And who knows, it might even slow down time.


2 responses to “Tempus fugit all right

  1. I am fascinated by the idea that the history of evolution could be somehow stored in DNA like the rings of a tree. I don’t know how that could happen though – perhaps your studies will enlighten me Allie.


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