Appointment in Fes

My friend Mo has just sent me an email saying that he is very much looking forward to reconnecting in June. I’d sent him an email to say I was heading in his direction for the Festival of Sacred Music and I’d very much like to spend some time with him. I haven’t seen Mo for years and years so I have no idea what point he is in his life, other than like me he is a grandparent. He and I had a passionate few months together at the end of our medical studies and then I headed off to South America and he headed back to the Medina, where his father set him up in the family apothecary business and to my knowledge that is where he is to this day.

I’m not sure about the good sense of looking up old lovers, especially when they are old. I’ve done this before with Nick going walking on the Ridgeway with him and if you remember he spent the whole time trying to reconnect with my knickers, even though I thought I’d made it clear that they were off the menu. Margery said at the time that all men have the same stuck on/off button. But Mo surely will be very different. He had a strong Sufi streak even back there. I am looking forward very much to sitting in his shop surrounded by jars and potions, talking about the immaculate organisation of the universe, just as we did all those years ago. I know so much more now. We all do. When I first met Mo, Watson and Crick had only just received their Nobel Prize for the discovery of DNA as the carrier of genetic information, thus bringing  modern science within spitting distance of a code that has been carried in the I Ching for 5000 years.

There is one law running through nature in all its diverse physical, mental spiritual and moral processes. It was Mo who first alerted me to this world, whole and sound, where physics and metaphysics are one and where security, calm and happiness are possible. I have been pursuing this line of research ever since and conclude that Mo was bang on the button. If nothing else, I look forward to thanking him for introducing me to a world where there is no place for either/or and where polarity with its both/and has true validity. In fact is the only truth.

Looking back over my whole life to this point, I see it as unalterable and exactly as it was and not otherwise. Like a beautiful crystal necklace my life is made up of a whole range of decisions, strung together one after the other,like an unchanging code on a long double strand. There might be a flash of freedom in the moment of decision but the train trundles on along its inevitable route. The points were set and off I went. But there is an optimum route and there is a chance here and there to reset the points. The secret is to go with the flow. Mo, a hippie in the true sense of the word, always insisted was this was the route to serenity. So Fes here I come and by the time I get to you, I promise I will have found the grave accent on this computer.


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