Harold and Maude

It is said that you can only see ‘Harold and Maude’ once with virgin eyes and for me this happened this week. Last Sunday I went to a party and sat next to a woman who told me that she had seen ‘Harold and Maude’ 26 times. A light started flashing in my frontal lobe. This indicates a new experience is up for grabs. As soon as I got home I Amazoned it and soon a DVD was heading in my direction for the total sum of £2.99. What a bargain! What a time to be alive!

I watched it three nights ago and it is still with me. I suppose everyone who has seen this film has a favourite part . This is mine.http://www.dailymotion.com/swf/video/x4or3v?theme=none
Harold and Maude If You want to Be Free by thedingoman

Oh  how I want to be like Maude when I’m 80. Notice the total connection to the moment. The beauty of her authenticity. Her ability to totally play that piano, even though in fact the piano plays itself, and to get back on the seat for the last note. What timing! Notice also the photo frames on the piano-all empty. For Maude nothing exists except the moment. No wonder Harold is mesmerised. We all are.

A sad footnote. The kiss above was filmed but is not in the film. The director didn’t think the world was ready for such a passionate kiss between the old and young. I am sure today the world is ready. Isn’t it? Love is love after all and it shines from every corner of this film.


One response to “Harold and Maude

  1. How exciting to be a new Harold and Maude fan. It really is a base of my desires of how to live. I don’t know how many times I’ve seen it (lost count), but I did see it in the movie theater the first the year it came out. No laughter from people who had seen it before to spoil the uncovering of the situation. Did you find the kiss in extras on the DVD? I’d love to see it – they so should have left it in.



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