What the Bot?

Into my life this week has come a fascinating concept. You probably know about it as it’s been around since the mid 90’s but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s called the The Web Bot Project and it uses the internet to ‘tap into the collective conscious’, in order to forecast what is going to happen in the world. In other words, it maps the echo of something up ahead.

I’ve always been interested in mappings and for a long time noted accounts of precognition, like a friend’s mother picking up the catastrophic tip slide onto a school in Aberfan on her television, before the event and the television wasn’t even switched on. I also understand that the pendulum picks up the backwave of future events. TC Lethbridge did a lot of work on this. So I had a very exciting day this week googling bots.

Bots use a language(Prolog) like artificial intelligence to look for linguistic shifts on the internet. It sends out what are called spiders to gather bytes of writing that are then filtered using 7 layers of radical linguistic processing by Prolog. These are reduced to numbers and scatter charts of multiple layers are created. Over time these coalese into clusters, forming dot intensity areas(entities) that can be drilled into to get a series of phrases that can be read ‘a bit like the I Ching’. It all sounds like Sci Fi to me but the men behind the idea, Clif High and George Ure, say the results reflect how people talk about an event with pre-conscious awareness. In other words changes in language precede large emotional events. The larger the event the more advance notice the bots give. It is a brilliant idea but not quite foolproof yet.

There is no doubt that odd things go on at this level of archetypal consciousness and the ever expanding internet is an ideal mirror of human inteactions. The idea that changes in language precede events is not difficult to accept intuitively. The trouble is that although Bots have had some success in predicting events ( pre 9/11 random numbers generated all over the world became less random immediately prior to the event) they have predicted a whole pile of stuff that never happened. Also there is a negative quality to their predictions. Is the world actually anticipating a biblical scale apocalypse next year?

I’m a great believer in the middle way. The Mayans were brilliant astronomers considering the lack of the sort of gadgets we have today. They could read the future in the heavens and their shamans could time travel with the aid of powerful plant hallucinogenics. Next year there are galactic alignments long in the making and accounted for in their time line. The end of that line is within reach and we are (hopefully) alive to live it. These are exciting times to be alive. A new model of living is coming into view. The jet setting, shopaholic way is on the point of being demolished. It is the rise of new thinking that will be increasingly important, not new technology. Decisive will be the intensity with which we live the new.

The way I see it is that our true nature is spiritual. This spirit is expressed through human consciousness. Human evolution is top down not bottom up, like the evolutionists describe. It’s just a different way of seeing. We did not evolve up from matter so much as devolve from spirit (pure consciousness) and this is what we yearn to be reconnected with. Only those who see nothing beyond the material will be alarmed by the gloomy predictions of the bots. Those who welcome change will thrive as we move into the transformation.

Although Clif High is on record as saying the bots ‘are crap’, there is evidence that he and Ure are onto something important. The story doesn’t end there. Dean Rudin’s work at the Boundary Institute and the Princeton Global Consciousness Project are working in the same areas.  So the Web Bot Project was definitely worth a look and I spent a happy afternoon getting excited, which is always gratefully received at my age.  For all High’s Ratner -ish dismissal of his project, the Bots predicted that our solar system would be suddenly awash with all kinds of extra cosmic radiation(it is) and there would be mass navigation problems for all creatures who use homing devices to travel resulting in mass beachings (there are). So maybe it’s worth keeping an eye on the Bots, which go a lot further than just checking on what we are saying. They recognise that meaning is altogether another thing.


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