The Other Side of Enigma

Behind the familiar world of classical reality is another world. This reality is beyond anything that we know at this time and place. It comes to us through revelation. I know this because I have been privileged to witness glances through that particular window. Just flashes maybe,  but enough to give me a sense of what we are teetering on the edge of. I have to report that it is magnificent. The other side of enigma is a world of love, honesty and peace. It is within breathing distance from this place, yet we can only reach it through being shown and as we do not share a language with the beings on the other side, we learn what we need to know through signs and showings. These are important forms of communication, because they speak directly to our hearts., without being mangled by the complexities of the intellect.

It is best to live like a musician in the middle of the sound, rather than at the edge, picking out the notes.  This is how I approach both crop circles  and the I Ching. For these two phenomena have a common link. They both appeal directly to human consciousness. Great thinkers immerse themselves in the 64 hexagrams of the I Ching. People like Stephen Wolfram,  and Jose Arguelles are onto the mystery contained within their form. It takes a brave thinker to align him or herself to the crop circle phenomena, as it is so wrapped up in controversy.

In a world where a massive aircraft can be destroyed by a bird, we have come to terms with the fundamentals of chaos and the dance of variables. Everything we know is matter and energy, within which we are learning to calculate outcomes via the laws of predictability. Thus we are learning to live within complex coherence, speaking on some level the language of 8×8 strings. What we need to do now is to trust what we do not yet know yet can intuit. The DNA code language is not spoken in words but in vibrations.  We can listen nevertheless and learn much. Listen carefully enough and you may can pick up the outlines of the Tao world projected as a hologram. This is the real reality.

Nothing takes us to this place faster than the crop circles that will soon be appearing in the fields of Wiltshire. These fall into 2 categories. MMCC and SICC. The former are made by blokes with string and boards. The latter are made by intelligence. These circles use maths, indicative resonances, complex geometry and blow the crop nodes.  Only intuition will tell you which is which unless you are lucky enough to visit a fresh circle. Then you will feel it. This reality is experiential. It’s really not worth getting into a debate. Instead look deeply with your heart and love what you see. Then you will have got the point and you will be welcomed into a new way of seeing. At this time it is best to be flexible and openminded. Reality is up for grabs and the months ahead will bring much to test our courage. I’ve got a feeling that we’ll find plenty of spiritual as well as physical nourishment in our cereal this summer.


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