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I’m off to celebrate the wedding with Aunty Mu who will be 100 years old very soon. I have made a chocolate cake with frosting so thick it comes up to the knees of the married couple on the top. These are two wooden creatures I have unearthed from my china cabinet as suitable representatives of the event. One is a sailor with his arms outstretched and the bride herself is a coy rabbit in a wedding gown with a bouquet almost as large as her husband. I have bought the bunting to hang from the bookcase and the cold lunch, so that we can sit without any disturbances through the whole event. I have drawn the line at installing a comode.

From all this activity you might think that I am a Royalist and that I am a great fan of weddings. Not so on both counts. I think the Royal family is a tad ridiculous and very unnecessary and I have rarely met a married couple that I would call healthily happy. So what is this rush of enthusiasm all about? Well, I love celebrating life and watching big events with Aunty Mu does just that. Aware as I always am that she is not going to be around for many more, gives the wedding a certain frisson. And the older I get, the more I become impressed by the organisational exactness of pageantry. Maybe there is an awareness that this is something else that is not going to be around for much longer.

So on Friday I will be up and watching as soon as soon as the BBC is open for business. I will probably watch the whole thing in pyjamas. What is for sure is that I will throw myself wholeheartedly into the event, cheering and laughing and oohing and aahing  without restraint. And while I do, I will spare a moment’s thought for those poor sods too cynical or sad to join a nation in celebration of something as ephemeral and yet as universal as a couple’s wedding- day joy.


The Mirror Twins

“What have you been up to lately, Mumsie?” This is Mimi being polite. I could see the panic on her face when I started telling her about an amazing book I’ve been reading about the similarities between the I Ching and the Genetic Code.” I hope your not going to tell me about it,” she said quickly. “No,” I replied and got on with cooking the roast lamb, wondering if my children have ever connected my new found serenity and happiness with the difficult notions that I doggedly pursue. Or whether it matters at all as long as I know.  But ever one for sharing out my good fortune and giving others a chance to find what I have found, here I go.

Life is a photon exchange that operates like a language. Its centre of operation lies within DNA. In order to understand what I write about you have to ‘see’ in a new way, for we see only what we want to believe(and vice versa?) Stay locked in materialism if you want to, millions do. But me? Not likely. I have built myself a pod from which to explore the picture in its entirety. That pod is the belief in an overseeing consciousness or intelligence. I prefer not to call it God, because of the semantic chicanery held within that word. I know language to be alive, so I try to use it carefully. And language is what this post is about-a language of waves and frequencies that inform and link up every living thing.  DNA is the transformer; the centre for a universal system of communication;  ultra violet biosignals that ‘ride’ the spirals and activate specific codons. The messages have to be true to fit the whole, as dud signals lead to cancer etc. They can put out the light those duds. So through DNA, everything living is both whole and interconnected. It works along the principle of a cell of the whole where each individual cell is both autonmous and interconnected. This is the world of polarity.

DNA is powered by a stream of transcendental information that is totally synchronistic across time and space, which is what gives it ‘life’. The soul of the system is energy, which has a spiritual aspect. To see what I am talking about one has to rise above the rational and see over it into the beginnings of a new consciousness, one that accepts and exists in a place where poles are integrated (Gebser’s integral). This polar thinking is what the I Ching is all about.  Both DNA and the I Ching observe the rule that nature takes the most energy- saving path, which is the same 64 triplet system. Thus mind and matter cross in the genetic code, according to the most economical principle. If you like the analogy, the keyboard of life is played  by the vibrations of wave mechanics, right across life. For more about this look at the work of FA Popp.

The time has come to see in a more integrated way. It’s not about science v mysticism any more but seeing with an all -encompassing polarity. Only then will we know that we are participants in a whole; dynamic and dancing in time to an innate rhythm. This is the poetry of form.

This way of seeing is deeply comforting, as it rests of the surety that the whole universe is created ground up or bottom down (who am I to know which?) as one. It has order and is determined by law. The law of the spiral which in each turn is indicative of progress(time passed) and change. The Book of Changes(turns), otherwise known as the I Ching is, like DNA, the coded representation of a whole structural plan; a plan with unity of theme, spirit and intellect. It represents what is, not just what is seen.

It is in this knowledge that we humans, caught up in the sadness and grief of everyday living, can find respite. This is why Carl Jung said the I Ching was a book that could occupy one’s full attention for a lifetime and still leave its depth untapped. But each twist and turn on the way will bring a sense of peace, as we can find our place in any part and rest in the comfort of the whole; our bodies speak the language. This is what the ancients called bliss.

Happy Easter

It happens every year. I feel gloomy all week and then on Easter Sunday I wake up a new woman, put eggs, chickens and rabbits all down the centre of the table and dotted all round the garden at The Warren. I feel renewed and I can eat chocolate again. Yay!

This is an annual ritual. Before renewal the dark days have to be lived. I accept this today so take to my bed on Maundy Thursday and count the days to the release of joy. It’s here today with my family around my table. Organic lamb, mint sauce, jersey royals and spring greens. Followed by the chocolate cake I gave you the recipe for a while ago, decorated with the bunnies seen above. All’s well again in my fantastic world. Happy Easter!

Tempus fugit all right

Mo has just mailed me an interesting book on the connection between the I Ching and the genetic code. It’s called  The Hidden Key of Life by Dr Martin Schonberger. I am starting to get quite excited about seeing Mo again. He might be the only man left on earth who can both see me as I was and appreciate me as I am. That is spanning a hell of a divide. I was young and beautiful when we were last together. Long chestnut hair, pert boobs, trim in the places where I used to play. No longer I’m afraid. But what can you expect?It was near enough half a century ago after all.

I am going to watch The Wedding with Aunt Mu. She will throw a hundred year perspective on the pageantry and immaculate timing that we British are so good at. The last royal wedding doesn’t seem that long ago but in fact it was over thirty years. I remember doing the ironing while I watched. My life has totally changed since then. For starters I don’t do any ironing.

There is already a sense of anticipation on the streets. A rash of Bank Holidays and the hot weather are both helping. We get our summer in April and May now and from then it’s downhill. Here in the city there is a Tennessee Williams vibe on our street, with the smell of roasting meat and laughter from a hundred back gardens mixing in the pollution above our heads.

Here in The Warren there is a more contemplative vibe. In another thirty years it will be over for me and that doesn’t seem a very long time. Everything is moving so fast it seems to me. Even the leaves came out in my road in three days flat, like fast forward photography. This fills me with a sadness. It will all be over too soon and there is nothing I can do to slow things down. Or is there? I have noticed that by doing less the time passes more slowly, so sometime up ahead I can just stop being curious and settle into just being. But not yet -there is still too much to learn and wonder over. Like the possibility that the turns of the DNA are like tree rings and represent the annals of the race from the dawn of history. What we can learn from both DNA and the I Ching is that they are both textbooks of polarity. Maybe the time has come to move from either/or into both/and. The Chinese have been doing it for ever

Did you know that the mass of DNA strands of the whole of humanity would fill only a walnut shell-  and yet they are matter? All the rest of the world is based on this gossamer thread. And all that the world is can be reduced to a code of 64 words and 8 powers. It can all be mapped out in a straight line from the creation of elements in the heart of stars to the absolute special status of human consciousness. Contemplation of this should keep me happy for a while yet. And who knows, it might even slow down time.

Appointment in Fes

My friend Mo has just sent me an email saying that he is very much looking forward to reconnecting in June. I’d sent him an email to say I was heading in his direction for the Festival of Sacred Music and I’d very much like to spend some time with him. I haven’t seen Mo for years and years so I have no idea what point he is in his life, other than like me he is a grandparent. He and I had a passionate few months together at the end of our medical studies and then I headed off to South America and he headed back to the Medina, where his father set him up in the family apothecary business and to my knowledge that is where he is to this day.

I’m not sure about the good sense of looking up old lovers, especially when they are old. I’ve done this before with Nick going walking on the Ridgeway with him and if you remember he spent the whole time trying to reconnect with my knickers, even though I thought I’d made it clear that they were off the menu. Margery said at the time that all men have the same stuck on/off button. But Mo surely will be very different. He had a strong Sufi streak even back there. I am looking forward very much to sitting in his shop surrounded by jars and potions, talking about the immaculate organisation of the universe, just as we did all those years ago. I know so much more now. We all do. When I first met Mo, Watson and Crick had only just received their Nobel Prize for the discovery of DNA as the carrier of genetic information, thus bringing  modern science within spitting distance of a code that has been carried in the I Ching for 5000 years.

There is one law running through nature in all its diverse physical, mental spiritual and moral processes. It was Mo who first alerted me to this world, whole and sound, where physics and metaphysics are one and where security, calm and happiness are possible. I have been pursuing this line of research ever since and conclude that Mo was bang on the button. If nothing else, I look forward to thanking him for introducing me to a world where there is no place for either/or and where polarity with its both/and has true validity. In fact is the only truth.

Looking back over my whole life to this point, I see it as unalterable and exactly as it was and not otherwise. Like a beautiful crystal necklace my life is made up of a whole range of decisions, strung together one after the other,like an unchanging code on a long double strand. There might be a flash of freedom in the moment of decision but the train trundles on along its inevitable route. The points were set and off I went. But there is an optimum route and there is a chance here and there to reset the points. The secret is to go with the flow. Mo, a hippie in the true sense of the word, always insisted was this was the route to serenity. So Fes here I come and by the time I get to you, I promise I will have found the grave accent on this computer.

Harold and Maude

It is said that you can only see ‘Harold and Maude’ once with virgin eyes and for me this happened this week. Last Sunday I went to a party and sat next to a woman who told me that she had seen ‘Harold and Maude’ 26 times. A light started flashing in my frontal lobe. This indicates a new experience is up for grabs. As soon as I got home I Amazoned it and soon a DVD was heading in my direction for the total sum of £2.99. What a bargain! What a time to be alive!

I watched it three nights ago and it is still with me. I suppose everyone who has seen this film has a favourite part . This is mine.
Harold and Maude If You want to Be Free by thedingoman

Oh  how I want to be like Maude when I’m 80. Notice the total connection to the moment. The beauty of her authenticity. Her ability to totally play that piano, even though in fact the piano plays itself, and to get back on the seat for the last note. What timing! Notice also the photo frames on the piano-all empty. For Maude nothing exists except the moment. No wonder Harold is mesmerised. We all are.

A sad footnote. The kiss above was filmed but is not in the film. The director didn’t think the world was ready for such a passionate kiss between the old and young. I am sure today the world is ready. Isn’t it? Love is love after all and it shines from every corner of this film.

What the Bot?

Into my life this week has come a fascinating concept. You probably know about it as it’s been around since the mid 90’s but I’ll tell you anyway. It’s called the The Web Bot Project and it uses the internet to ‘tap into the collective conscious’, in order to forecast what is going to happen in the world. In other words, it maps the echo of something up ahead.

I’ve always been interested in mappings and for a long time noted accounts of precognition, like a friend’s mother picking up the catastrophic tip slide onto a school in Aberfan on her television, before the event and the television wasn’t even switched on. I also understand that the pendulum picks up the backwave of future events. TC Lethbridge did a lot of work on this. So I had a very exciting day this week googling bots.

Bots use a language(Prolog) like artificial intelligence to look for linguistic shifts on the internet. It sends out what are called spiders to gather bytes of writing that are then filtered using 7 layers of radical linguistic processing by Prolog. These are reduced to numbers and scatter charts of multiple layers are created. Over time these coalese into clusters, forming dot intensity areas(entities) that can be drilled into to get a series of phrases that can be read ‘a bit like the I Ching’. It all sounds like Sci Fi to me but the men behind the idea, Clif High and George Ure, say the results reflect how people talk about an event with pre-conscious awareness. In other words changes in language precede large emotional events. The larger the event the more advance notice the bots give. It is a brilliant idea but not quite foolproof yet.

There is no doubt that odd things go on at this level of archetypal consciousness and the ever expanding internet is an ideal mirror of human inteactions. The idea that changes in language precede events is not difficult to accept intuitively. The trouble is that although Bots have had some success in predicting events ( pre 9/11 random numbers generated all over the world became less random immediately prior to the event) they have predicted a whole pile of stuff that never happened. Also there is a negative quality to their predictions. Is the world actually anticipating a biblical scale apocalypse next year?

I’m a great believer in the middle way. The Mayans were brilliant astronomers considering the lack of the sort of gadgets we have today. They could read the future in the heavens and their shamans could time travel with the aid of powerful plant hallucinogenics. Next year there are galactic alignments long in the making and accounted for in their time line. The end of that line is within reach and we are (hopefully) alive to live it. These are exciting times to be alive. A new model of living is coming into view. The jet setting, shopaholic way is on the point of being demolished. It is the rise of new thinking that will be increasingly important, not new technology. Decisive will be the intensity with which we live the new.

The way I see it is that our true nature is spiritual. This spirit is expressed through human consciousness. Human evolution is top down not bottom up, like the evolutionists describe. It’s just a different way of seeing. We did not evolve up from matter so much as devolve from spirit (pure consciousness) and this is what we yearn to be reconnected with. Only those who see nothing beyond the material will be alarmed by the gloomy predictions of the bots. Those who welcome change will thrive as we move into the transformation.

Although Clif High is on record as saying the bots ‘are crap’, there is evidence that he and Ure are onto something important. The story doesn’t end there. Dean Rudin’s work at the Boundary Institute and the Princeton Global Consciousness Project are working in the same areas.  So the Web Bot Project was definitely worth a look and I spent a happy afternoon getting excited, which is always gratefully received at my age.  For all High’s Ratner -ish dismissal of his project, the Bots predicted that our solar system would be suddenly awash with all kinds of extra cosmic radiation(it is) and there would be mass navigation problems for all creatures who use homing devices to travel resulting in mass beachings (there are). So maybe it’s worth keeping an eye on the Bots, which go a lot further than just checking on what we are saying. They recognise that meaning is altogether another thing.