The Unfolding Revelation

There is no doubt that things are hotting up as we move towards the catastrophic change that will lead us into a new perception of human life on this planet. For twenty years now I have worked with gifted people who, like Gebser, predict that our life in a world of materialism is coming to an end and a new, more transparent, epoch is about to begin.

Some time ago I found myself on a Hopi reservation in Arizona, talking to an elder about the importance of water and what was happening in that part of the world, as a result of the catastrophic abuse of the aquifer water being plundered from under their land, to provide power for people living in an artificially created city in the desert. He said that the Hopi knew that we are living at an end time and that the journey to the fifth world was beginning. He told me that the symbol they had been given to watch out for was ‘the twins’.When they saw the attack on the twin towers on the twin 11th, they knew that this was the beginning.

This journey will be done as a joint venture between nature and man. Nature will increasingly shake its rattle at the world, with earthquakes, volcano eruptions, floods and naturally-assisted mayhem, until, in an explosion of exponential growth, the human family starts seeing what is actually going on behind the protective facade of their materialistic view of the world. The revelation/revolution is one of perception.

Hanging from the pergola in my Warren garden is a fern. I put it out there every spring and sit and look at it in the sunshine. I call it my old lady plant, as it’s very temperamental and only an old lady would have the time or the empathy to give it what it needs. My plant, which I call Doris, is living proof of my place in the scheme of things- it is thriving! I guess we old ladies also have the time and the experience to get beyond the drama and see what’s actually going on.

This year as I look at Doris, I  think about the increasing turmoil in the world. The level of anxiety is rising. Things are speeding up. We went exponential some time ago.The time is drawing near for radical change. Can’t you feel it in the air? It’s started to be noted out loud by people, who would a few years ago have kept such thoughts to themselves, and left it to people like me with no reputation to lose. But the world is quietly getting ready to listen.

This week Jan Morris was interviewed for The Independent and voiced her strong feeling about an upcoming cosmic change. ‘On the brink’ she called it. And when what happens happens ‘the effects will be phenomenal, ‘ making the end game in Libya seem small fry.  It would seem that Jan Morris is onto what I’ve been writing about from the start. That one morning we will wake up and ‘contact’ will have been made and recognised and we will all have to learn from that moment how to live in a different way. At 84 Jan Morris fears she is going to miss the fun. I’m a little way behind her and have been preparing for some time to ride the wave that is such a profound symbol of what is happening to us all. If we are prepared, we will not be washed away. Time is short and we need to get onto the metaphorical high ground. This means developing connection with spirit. I’m up for it, are you?  Surfboards at the ready. Come on. 1  2  3  Geronimo!


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