The Thinning Veil

Last year I threw myself into crop circles, vowing that by the end of the season I would have the answer to the mystery. This year I prepare for the new season with no clearer idea about what is going on. But boy do they make me think, and I believe that this is the point of them. A flock of birds splits as it approaches a circle and reassembles the other side. Helicopter instruments become erratic when flying over formations. The ghost outlines of certain formations are visible in the field the following year in spite of the ground being ploughed and reseeded. What is going on?

There is no doubt that a lot of circles are man- made with stomping boards and string. Film crews have been invited to watch circles being made, but they turn out to be unexciting and rather logolike. Nothing like the profound ones with collapsing crops and bent nodes- the ones where energies are involved. The ones that make people cry, like the sublime Celtic Cross of 2011 (shown above), 800 by 600 feet in size and perfect in all aspects.

The answers are not in words. What I am was there before the words and it is that part of me that relates to the Mystery. And crop circles are deeply mysterious, not least because of the confusion, contradictions and clashing viewpoints that surround them. Lots of people devote the whole of the growing seasons to following the phenomena from field to field and these people, too, are mystified by the growing complexity of knots, weaving and combing in the laid crops, or the standing tufts with 7/8 stems untouched by the force that flowed the crop around them. There are not enough hours in the short Wiltshire nights for such complexity to be laid in any way other than the way music is laid on the air.

No, the prankster hypothesis is nothing more than a red herring when it comes to explanations. But the pranksters are an important part of the mix. They open the gateway to questioning about art and mystery. They lead the truthseekers into ever more complex questioning and they have helped introduce a whole generation to ancient wisdom and the power of archetypal form within consciousness. Whether you are for or against, you are involved in a debate that in itself is leading inevitably to a thinning of the veil between what we see now and what we are going to see.

I leave you with a glimpse of where we are going. (The photo is by Steve Alexander.) This is the 2001 Milk Hill formation. 800 feet in diameter, it comprises 409 circles and is still considered to be finest example of the phenomenon. Gaze and be grateful that we live in such astonishing times.


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