Vintage Allie

It’s been one of those cold, wet English Sundays, so what better than a phone call from my friend Mr Mango and the suggestion that we go to a Vintage Clothes Fair at the University. Inside the hall were stalls upon stalls filled with stuff from my childhood and adolescence. I grew up on jumble sales and have never grown out of them. Now that charity shops are getting greedy with their prices and all the real finds have been creamed off, perhaps it’s time to change one’s focus to fairs like this one. At least here the stallholders are all vying with one another and there is some point in bargaining. I don’t wear vintage dresses,jumpers or skirts, as these are not flattering for those of us who remember them the first time around, but vintage shoes, bags, gloves and scarves are what gives my wardrobe its zing. There were some fabulous- looking young girls there dressed up to the nines and each of them with ‘a look’. It struck me, wandering around, that this is intelligent dressing, requiring a creative eye. It is the opposite end of the scale from Primark, though the prices are probably equivalent.

So I had a really great couple of hours running my fingers through the past and came home to feed Tottie. Then I went back and tried on shoes, coming away with a very sexy pair of heels and a very unsexy pair of bedroom slippers. I had a conversation with myself about the latter, out loud I fear, debating whether they were a postmodern or regressive move. No one around me seemed interested in joining in the discussion, and as they were only 6 pounds, I bought them and have been wearing them ever since. They are warm and comfortable, as well as having the added advantage of thick rubber soles, should there be an electrical incident in the home. But I have to admit that they are exactly the sort of slippers my mother always wore and exactly the sort of slippers I swore that I never ever would, so they could be the thin end of a far from post modern edge. Oh help!

The other shoes are as comfortable as slippers, apart from the dangers implicit in a heel. But they are sexy in a sort of Prince Charming way. I would love to show them to you but I am being IT challenged as always and for some reason can’t . I also bought an exquisite pair of black leather gloves that are long enough to pull on in that measured seductive way, should anyone be looking. If not, I get the feeling,so all is not lost.



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