Nikola Tesla…

…was nearly seven foot tall and a man of mystery. He lived a long life and died a natural death. A Serb, who became a US citizen in 18 91, he was an elegant man, spending freely when he had the money and falling into penury at various stages of his life. He was apparently asexual, possibly homosexual; an obsessive with a great gift for friendship. He was heralded in his time as a man of brilliance, a maverick who could be said to have created the foundation for radio. Yet his name these days is not as well known as contemporaries such as Marconi, Westinghouse and Edison. This was because he worked alone, at a time when corporations were forming around the new physics.

When he died a lot of his papers were taken into custody by the US Security forces, where they are locked to this day. He was a lover of feral pigeons and fed them freely in the parks of New York. If he was ailing, as he often was, they were his first priority. There was something decidedly odd about Tesla, though he was charismatic and attractive and gave the sort of presentations that attracted thousands. He was a cosmic thinker and a maverick scientist;  a man born out of his time, whose brilliance has even to this day not quite found its niche. He was in fact my kind of man.

Tesla worked alone with loyal helpers, stitching together a world view that is only today coming fully to light. In a flash he saw the universe composed of a symphony of alternating currents, with the harmonies played in a vast range of octaves. He saw the earth as the awesome conductor of resonance. The work he did at Colorado Springs on a magnifying transmitter and ELF (extra low frequency) resonance is still not fully in the public domain. Yet it is affecting our lives today with increasing insistence. All creatures with homing devices in their brains are affected by what Tesla knew at the end of the last century. Birds and bees and frogs are dying in their millions because of man’s ignorance of the awesome power of ELF resonance.

In 1943 the US supreme Court ruled that it was Tesla who had anticipated all the others with fundamental patents. He accepted his brushing aside with grace and dignity, saying, “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using 17 of my patents.” Marconi received the  Nobel Prize for physics in 1909.

The waves that Tesla worked with only become pronounced at very low frequencies. They are used today in weaponry and in the secrecy much loved by conspiracy theorists.  Magnificent and doomed, he came to conclusions that were not a part of the global plan. He worked like an alchemist, using unearthly influences thats seemed to radiate from the alembic…as if drawn from interstellar space. It was as if he saw in the highjacking of his work our collective doom. He delighted in the drama and magic of electricity and was more interested in the effects than utility. Nikola Tesla was the man who invented the coil that still bears his name. Without it the atom would not have been smashed.  Swept away by the tsunami of reductionism, his grand ideas have waited on high ground for their moment to arrive. It is I suspect quite close now.


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