Wake Up!

A couple of weeks ago I went to a talk by Alan Forster, a writer, broadcaster and environmental researcher on the subject of crop circles as part of the contact, awakening and preparation phase of our human development. He is convinced that something is imminent and that a grand awakening is now in its fast- forward phase. He worked for years in the airline industry and said it is common knowledge amongst pilots that large plasma-like objects frequent the skies. He showed numerous pictures of crops that just couldn’t be made with a plank and two feet, however nimble. He noted that we are told that the Nasa run SETI programme of communication has not as yet received a reply. Could it be that they are not looking in the right places?

This morning I was going to explain the significance of a couple of spectacular crop circles to get our pudding brains firing again. But someone has done it already-and superbly. Thank you wjbombo. I don’t know why the sound is on mute but I rather like the eerie silence that accompanies this viewing, intentional or not. So here it is, best I find on full screen but you know that already. Let me know if it wakes you up.


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