Deep and Crisp and Even

I’ve been busy. The snow has fallen in a most un-English way, closing the airports, so Wink couldn’t fly to Boston as arranged. Instead we went tobogganing in the park with all the school kids. They were on trays and plastic bags; we were on a really classy wood and metal Finnish sledge. Goodness knows where Wink conjured that from-I didn’t ask. It was great fun but now I am suffering from a cricked neck, a sore throat and a deep sense of abandonment, as yesterday Wink got an message from his uncle in the American embassy to say he’d got him a seat on this morning’s redeye, so off he went in the middle of the night, no doubt waking all my neighbours as his wheels skidded on the slush in the road. Then, with a roar and an inconsiderate tooting of his horn, he was gone. Now I’m on the Arnica and the bruises are just appearing. I am too old for these shenanigans that’s for sure. But what fun we had!

I’m not sure when or even if I’ll see him again. I’m not even sure I want to. The match isn’t there. There is a significant age difference for a start. And then there is the fact that he is an ultra-conservative Wasp. I wouldn’t dare introduce him to Lala, who would roll her eyes skyward and get irritated. He also doesn’t read and I vowed a while ago that I would not get into another relationship with a man who doesn’t read. Do you remember that scene in A Single Man when they are on the sofa reading and they have a little banter about who should get up and put the cat out (or whatever)? There is a flash of it about a minute into this clip. Well I want a relationship like that. With Wink it was all doing and no reflecting. He is action man and for a woman my age that is exhausting. So I’m jolly glad he is now safely back on American soil and I can get a good night’s sleep.


One response to “Deep and Crisp and Even

  1. yes! the reading scene in A Single Man always stayed with me for exactly the same reason. also note the similar reading scene in Love Story. couldn’t find a clip but here is an image:



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