I’m Back!

“You’re very alternative,” my lover said to me the other day. I couldn’t tell whether the look in his eye was desire or despair, as we haven’t known each other that long. No, you haven’t missed some posts -there haven’t been any for a long month as I’ve been dealing with the emotional impact of a dead motherboard and the complexity of choosing and buying a new computer.

This threw me into such a downward spiral of panic that I had to rush into town to purchase a bottle of Mitsouko, as nothing else works in times of crisis and while I was at the Guerlain counter in The House of Fraser, spraying the tester down my cleavage, I met my new lover, Wink Wilson. You couldn’t make it up! An American of course and such fun. He was there on a parallel mission, buying his Mom in Connecticut a bottle of Shalimar. We got talking and liked what we heard so much that we sloped off to have a cup of coffee, then a walk, then supper and then dot dot dot. Not on the same day, I hasten to add. I’m not that cheap.

You just never know what life will throw up next. Looking back I realise that it was rather premature of me to declare to the world that my blogging would end on December 13, a year after it started. On that day I had been offline for weeks, my machine having died halfway between a post and a visit to the loo. I waited and waited for a new motherboard to be sent from Hong Kong and when it finally arrived it was faulty. I took this as a sign that I was to purchase a new computer.

I’ve called it Stan. I saw the name floating in the ether between me and the apple, as it was being lifted, so beautifully white, out of the box. I’m going to do the right thing by Stan and get lots of one to ones under my belt, so that I can do all the things I’ve been itching to do visually for my greater amusement. So please cancel the termination of The World of Allie Allbright and keep checking in. She lives to write and hopefully to love, another year. Wink flies off to the States next week and then I will have lots of time. I do love adventures. Apologies about the absence of a picture on this post- I’ll more than make up for it at a later date.


One response to “I’m Back!

  1. Great to see you are back online Allie!


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