What if?

Here are some mindblowing thoughts to leave you with as I head off for the Preseli Hills, from whence Stonehenge was mysteriously transported, and the magic of Maenclochog-yes that’s really a place. The place of mushrooms I would guess.

I’ve just finished The Invisible Landscape: Mind Hallucinogens and the I Ching by those brave Mckenna brothers, who shortened their lives considerably doing psychedelic research in the interest of pushing the envelope. I fell at a few posts re. understanding- it’s always the maths that lets me down. But what I lose on that score, I gain on intensity. Boy, can I feel a book!  The margins of this one are annotated with lots of Wows! and Yeses! So here goes with a quick overview of the what ifs.

What if time is a hierarchical enfoldment and we exist within a fold of temporal limitation, through which a higher temporal dimension is even at this moment ingressing into our normal space time, the one we call reality? What if the aim of concrescence from electron to galaxy is the creative advance into novelty(novelty being those epoch making events  now commonly referred to as ‘the shift’)? In other words there is a plan and the long term aim of the system we refer to as life is the freeing of all energy from matter, which holds it in a sort of straightjacket. As Joseph Needham said in Time and Eastern Man, “There is a manifold complexity in the Universe but there is no confusion”. Spirit drives the show ever forward, following its purpose, not bound by laws, like fate and reality are. What if one day up ahead, there is a quantum jump into another groove and the modern ontology of reductionism is overthrown by a development in the organisation of consciousness itself? Then surely understanding will arise from the ashes and it will be of an atemporalised and holistic nature?

The paradox at the centre of life is that what we conceive of as reality is always complete in itself, yet at the same time points insistentlybeyond itself. We humans, for some part anyway, feel the need to push boundaries, finding ever more meanings and new insights into the world we perceive. We are driven and we are driven for a reason. We are reaching beyond beginning and end, birth and death, all the time helping along the natural flow of these periodic novel ingressions. What if this is because the Tao always leaves creation unfinished, so humans can weave their fate? What fate are we weaving for ourselves right now?

The matrix of DNA reaches deeper than the cybernetic level. The mycelium underlay that links us together as living organisms is the sum total of DNA present on earth. What if there are energy patterns stored within the so called ‘junk’ DNA, ready to take us forward into the next demanding, exciting  frightening and ultimately glorious epoch making event?

The brothers Mckenna were brave enough to suggest that the strange talking world of the psychedelic mushroom is an insight into the dimension that we are collectively growing towards anyway, by dint of the evolution of our consciousness. In that dimension we hear each other’s minds thinking and live within the continuum of shared perceptions in a place where everything is webbed together in a magical fabric of meaning and affirmation and mystery. It is a place in which we each know somehow that we are a reflection of a microcosm and are chosen to be in precisely the place that we find ourselves, which through that realisation becomes a place of grace. Then we know the intense pleasure of being truly present. Instead of living through reason we would live within a staggering array of intuitions about why things are as they are.

 The very concept of life implies movement. Time exists as a periodicity implicit in the function of life. With movement through space, time is created. This is not clock time. This is nature’s own time. The movement of the planets, the rise and setting of the sun, the lunar month, all function with periodicity, which indicates that evolution is what it’s all about. Mind seeks purpose and this fact is ubiquitous. The seeking of the self is implicit in the process called life. And life itself imparts meaning to an otherwise mechanistic entropy- seeking system. Consciousness is changing significantly via chemical alterations in brain tissue and DNA. The realisation of the fractal nature of the universe is changing our brain chemistry. We are moving ever closer to an understanding that the old idea of time as pure duration is gradually being replaced by the idea that time is a very complex fractal phenomenon, in many sizes, over which becoming flows like water. When we understand this, we will realise that there is an Other, here with us now but as yet unseen, that is connected to our being yet transcends life and death. It has will, motive and enormous power. The world obeys the will of consciousness that builds into layers of concrescence which every so often shift the course of history.

It is a common intuition of this time, that we are moving ever more rapidly towards some such event.We are feeling the backward flowing repercussions of some event up ahead perhaps? An archetype is stalking the ever more chaotic world, bringing into realisation a meeting between our universe and its reflection. What if this is the point of it all? Isn’t it good to live with the possibility of a point? A return of the Logos perhaps. “It is not I who speak,”said Heraclitus, “it is the Logos.” When one enters the dimension that is the shaman’s haunt, it is as if existence is uttering itself through one. I can’t wait. I might even go mushrooming in Mynydd Preseli.


3 responses to “What if?

  1. outstanding Annie! Yes, its good living with the possibility.Again, thank you for the reminder! Love M


  2. Your blog is fantastic! Each post so thoughtful and interesting. Crazy weird way that I found you… web hopping for information about Dr. Masaru Emoto for a presentation I am giving to co-workers. I will be subscribing! Keep up the fabulous writing!


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