Pioneer of the Borderlands

Yesterday I woke up as usual at 7.30, made a cup of tea and, as it was Sunday some toast, then climbed back into bed with Tottie and Terence McKenna. I spent the next two hours in another dimension, without having  to risk my fragile web of psyche in the tunnels of actual psychedelic experience. The ideas emerging from McKenna’s world are exciting and mind-expanding and I am very grateful that there are people like him willing to take such risks,  in order to push the boundaries of consciousness and check out what the word ‘reality’ actually means. Later I googled him and found that he had died in 2000.

McKenna spent his short life pursuing the radical and illegal, in order to create a visionary  view of who we are and where we are going. He was a scholar and he writes like a poet. He was unorthodox, brave, original and pioneering. In short, my kind of man. One of his many accomplishments was the creation of a software program that maps the cycles of time according to elements of flux found in the I Ching. (A program that incidentally maps the end date of time as December 21 2012, even though he declares he didn’t at the time know this was the Mayan’s chosen end time.) He uses the term ‘novelty’ after A.N. Whitehead’s idea that this is where interconnectedness reaches a concrescence, leading to a transformation in the ontological nature of time. He says that in this moment, that which has been drawing being through the whole of history, will finally be one with the 3 dimensional world and ‘the image of time will have discovered itself to be Eternity.’ Sounds rather like Gebser to me.

 I like McKenna’s idea that space is filled with a vast mycelium network of hyperlight communication across time and space. Fragile as a spider’s web, this connects all and everything , in a collective hypermind and memory of all worlds. It unfolds through deeply held laws of symbiosis, creating a molecular song via patterns of energy and intent. It is the song that DNA sings; the transmission of a natural language that is locked deep in the mystery of being.

Although everything is at this moment being pulled towards the nexus of transformation, the future is not yet absolutely determined. That isn’t how the universe is put together, so one can assume that fortune tellers are making it up. Actually what is happening is that mysteriously, out of  a set of all possible events, certain events are selected ‘to undergo the formality of actually occurring'(A.N.Whitehead again.) So things happen for a reason and the reason is not a causal one. Resonances, interference patterns and fractal regresses are how the universe is put together, forming patterns that coalesce into concrescences. The song of your life and all life is made of language and the linguistic structure of language that is carried in mind. Language takes us beyond the speakable, where it is possible to invoke the Other. Psilocybin mushrooms create a fast track entry into the worlds where we are heading anyway. With the support of the mushroom that speaks within, we can enter the mycelium network, thus creating a relationship with mutual genetic material that will carry us all into the galactic mainstream of higher civilisations.

And me? I’m on the slowtrack. I get there via trancework and drumming.The message I return with is always the same. We are in the process of turning ourselves inside out. The imagination is as ever the ground of being and the unconscious will not be kept waiting for ever. The body is to be internalised and the soul exteriorised as a living golden disc. 

Consume my heart away; sick with desire/And fastened to a dying animal/It knows not what it is; and gather me/Into the artifice of eternity.(Sailing to Byzantium)

Maybe this is what flying saucers are saying…


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