Modern Mystery Part 2

Earlier in the year I was sure that by my birthday in September, I would have some idea what is going on each summer in the fields of Wiltshire and beyond. But do you know what? I still have no idea.

It’s still a mystery and I’m rather glad of that. I love  my epiphenomenon (an accompanying phenomenon outside the chain of causation). The safe world of certainty holds no attractions for me, tinged as it is with the red glow of fundamentalism. I am heading towards the blue.

But I do have some views on what might be happening. These have a lot more to do with human consciousness than little grey men out there. The human psyche is deep uncharted water; anything might lurk there. Add to this the fact humans can produce staggering feats of magic by will and deft fingers and that humans are prepared to turn a blind eye to what they are told is not there and you have a canvas on which anything might appear.

One of the most extraordinary feats of crop art was the formation that appeared near the Chilbolton radio telescope in the summer of 2001. It seemed to be an answer to a transmission sent by Dr. Carl Sagan’s team at Cornell University. The following year a reply was received at Crabwood Farm nr Winchester. This was an alien face plus a circle that held a message in Asc11 binary code. Paul Vigay confirmed the translation before dying under mysterious circumstances. The translation is under the picture on the right. It doesn’t make a great deal of sense but maybe that’s the point.  Not all crop circle messages have been deciphered. One that is awaiting an interpretation is the 1000 foot long phase 3 or the Astrolobe tail which appeared in Alton Barnes in June 2009. There is no doubt that a symbiosis is created between the circles and the humans observing them. Human consciousness and the sounds that the human larynx makes are somehow part of an as yet hidden understanding of language. The state of mind involved in the creation of crop circles provokes a response that we, as yet, do not understand. It is something to do with belief perhaps. We create a reality according to our beliefs. If we all believed in good, evil would disappear off the face of the world, because it is a projection of our consciousness. By this token the world that we are believing into view must happen. Then joy will return with the realisation that we are one.

Terence McKenna believes that reality is a creature made of language and of linguistic structures that we carry unwittingly in our mind. It is this fourth dimensional language that creates reality and its nature is somehow embedded in the machinery of epistemic knowing itself. It lies within the organism. The organism is all of us and there is a common language within the system. If only we can decondition ourselves from our historically created cognitive system, we will be able to escape and create a better world. McKenna thinks the key lies in unlocking the imagination, the ground of all creativity, by psychedelic means. It reveals what he refers to as the Logos, which is the Word that in the beginning made the world. It creates a congruence between the outside and the inner worlds because the intermediate states between mind and matter share this language of information.   It fills the world as it is replicating itself in DNA. Thus language is living and has infested matter, replicating, defining and building itself within us. If you listen to my thoughts (or in this case read my words) meaning is transferred(hopefully) from me to you. Reality is a domain of codes, some accepted and some not yet accepted. The  hidden language that crop circles are opening up is part of this Word world. The meaning plays through our bodies, where the truth of the macrocosm is held. It refers to an awakening world.

In Russia, where science is more open- minded, scientists have identified the frequency of DNA and work on it via voice- modulated laser light. DNA is capable of responding to The Word, which is the language of the whole. Sound, light and visuals are interconnected by this because they are all part of the same system. When we fully understand the implications of this deep thought, we will we on our way to collective enlightenment.

So no, I don’t know in my head what the summer circles and all those that went before mean but my body sings with the possibilities. This I believe is the upgrading process necessary for me to exist at the higher frequency.


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