Water, Salt, Honey and…

Cider Vinegar! These are the items in Allie’s Materia Medica. Whenever I feel a chill coming on, I reach for the cider vinegar and mix it with hot water and a spoonful of honey. A couple of these and the symptoms vanish, the tickle departs and I am again filled up with the vital force.It’s magic  (or is it just chemistry and another example of the wonder of the molecular resonance, David?)

How does it work? Well this is my take on it, forgive me if it is not too scientific, but I take my references from the arcane and folk medicine. When the body Ph becomes alkaline, the bugs gather and start their attack on the system. They recognise a cosy niche when they see one and they are in there. So the answer is to zap the system with acid and send the buggers packing. This is where cider vinegar comes in. Not only does it adjust the system, it provides a delicious and refreshing drink. This together with plenty of filtered tap water and regular spoonfuls of local honey should set anyone up for vital living.

Or so I told Laverne, who is off to University this week. She came for lunch with her Grallie before leaving and I cooked a duck dinner. Unfortunately I tipped a pot of cooked peas into the bowels of my new oven, erasing in a moment the ‘new’. After lunch Laverne and I spent a merry hour on the floor of the kitchen, skewering peas out of the door hinges -not quite the way I wanted her to go off remembering me.

I gave her a bag of ‘goodies’ to take with her into her new life. Vitamins, Echinacea, Lavender oil, Nux Vomica, Arnica and a silver heart. What else does a girl need as she makes this rite of passage? It was more than a goodbye hug to each other at the door. No wonder there were tears. That lovely girl has been such a joy to me.

Now it’s time to let her go into a new life, which I know she will love. She has inherited my joy in living and my love of the written word. Over lunch we spoke about the I Ching and she asked if I would show her how to throw a hexagram. The first we drew didn’t ring true to either of us, and sure enough we had got two lines muddled. The next was much better. She drew  The Wanderer (the Seeker), with its suggestion of keeping inwardly steadfast yet yielding, reserved and yet light giving. It told her that it is a great thing to grasp the inner meaning of THE WANDERER. She’ll be a lifetime coming to her own conclusions.

Now I have another soul to bring on. This weekend I’m off with Archie who is now six months old and his parents, to the seaside for a few days of cuddles in the Autumn sun. Two years ago I thought my grandparenting was coming to an end. The conclusion I reached with his arrival is that all I know adds up to nought. I’ll spend the rest of my days reaching to grasp the inner meaning of that thought.


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