The Primary Drama

…is being alive, now, in this moment. Nothing beats the feeling of stopping, being quiet, just being. For in this moment one acts out the primary drama of time . Into that one moment of being are drawn the skeins of destiny, time, galactic evolution and soul. The richest experience of all time is the experience you are having at this very moment, for the cerebral cortex is the most complexly ordered material in the universe, created over aeons of time for a reason. This reason, in this time and place, is not yet apparent to  humans, through any of our restricted cultural means anyway. To see we have to wander beyond culture. Being is a good place to start.

What is most astonishing about our lives today is that this one simple fact is not yet fully accepted by our society; an enterprise that is starting to look decidedly fragile and uncertain. We human beings, because of the infinite capacity of the cerebral cortex, hold the potential to see the larger picture. The future belongs to the human mind, the engine room of which is the cerebral cortex.

To get glimpses of the bigger picture, I use any tool I can lay my hands on. Once upon a time this included Ayahuasca but the experience proved so damaging for two of my close friends back in the Amazon Basin in the 60’s, that I vowed I’d not go there again. Via mind altering drugs, I mean. I might well one day make a valedictory journey up the fabulous Amazon, before the insurance for such a jaunt becomes as crippling as my ageing limbs.

I trust that I am willing to go where I need to go. I trust that when the time is right I will be shown the way. On Saturday the path lit up in my local Heart Foundation Charity Bookshop. There sitting in pristine condition, wearing a label saying £2 was True Hallucinations and the Archaic Revival: Tales and Speculation about the Mysteries of the Psychedelic Experience. The book spoke to me, even before I opened it. It said ‘Every moment of your life brought you to me. Now sit and absorb what I have to tell you. It will show your mind the truth without any danger of getting lost.’

Mysteriously, out of the set of all possible events, one was chosen and my hand picked up the book and took it to the counter, where I handed over the £2 and left the shop. Something in my mind had guided me to that book at that moment. The time was right.

 What it was to show me over the next few hours was that time itself is closely linked to resonance, the ensuing process creating cycles and cycles within cycles. Nothing about time is the linear process that we perceive as reality. It could in fact be a wave and events take place as resonances linking moment to moment through a complex series of cycles that have nothing to do with randomness or causality. Things happen for a reason but that reason is not causal but resonant. Resonance is the mysterious phenomenon in which a vibrating string invokes a similar vibration in another, even though there is no physical connection.

The book by Terence McKenna gives radical and innovative insights into the complete pattern of an individual’s time wave.  The world that he leads me towards is one I am familiar with. Where the self is the Self and in the understanding of this, all division disappears, so that the dualism that our society dreams is just that. A dream. It is not the truth.

A synchronistic event occured on my way to the McKenna book. On the pavement outside the newsagents was a pile of Guardian supplements. I don’t tend to read newspapers for complicated reasons I wont go into here. But this one promised an encounter between David Attenborough and Richard Dawkins, my favourite and least favourite human beings (you work it out) so I had to buy it. Very in-ter-est-ing, as Richard Feynman would say. Clearly with little love lost, Attenborough took Dawkins to task for using the word ‘magic’ in the title of his new book, The Magic of Reality. ‘Things in nature are wonderful,’ he said firmly,’ but they are not magic.  Rabbits don’t really live in hats. It’s magic’.

We tend to refer to things that we do not yet understand as magic. We do not yet understand completely the depths with which we are at one with water and plants .  Although David Attenborough might not see it this way, magic lies in the spirit not in the matter, for it is at spirit level that we communicate. There is so much that we don’t understand about such a transaction. ‘We abandoned ancient wisdom in favour of scientific superstition’, Eliot Cowan tells us in Plant Spirit Medicine, a book which explains things that are beyond explanation about our relationship with the spirit of plants. The primary drama is here right before our eyes. In the moment we are one with all and communication between the parts is totally available. What we can learn this way is invaluable for our health. The imagination  after all, is the true ground of being.


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