Went to see Inception last night along with half the population of England and enjoyed it very much. I’ve never had problems with lack of narrative thrust in a film. My favourites in the past have included The Man Who Fell to Earth and Mullholland Drive, neither of which made any sense at all but nevertheless kept me engrossed-over and over. But Inception is different. It has narrative thrust but in a multi-dimensional way. Not only does the film play with time, it works in dreamtime on three levels. That means that one’s brain has to follow different narratives without any obvious links. What with collapsing dreams, Escher-like dream architecture and a top that has to keep spinning to denote reality, by the time I left the cinema, I felt as if I had aged considerably. A quick look in the loo mirror indicated that I was right. No wonder that in a full cinema there were no more that four of us the happy side of sixty. The young of course have no problems with multidimensionality, what with their parallel upbringing in the virtual world. Thus we can see evolution in progress.

It is not our rational minds that we need to bring to the changes going on around us-the ones leading to the major shift.We need to engage the right side of the brain. Around us is an invisible world that is made up of intersecting rays that hold patterns. What we are being shown in films like Inception is to see that the world is all of it contained in one spot. To enter the fuller reality we must learn to relinquish separation, without fear, and so will enter the dimension of withinness. The trick of perception is that we think dimensions into being. The new world that we are learning to access is all about time collapsing. We are moving into a place where there is no need to measure. Atomic theory has led the way but consciousness takes it from here. We’re all in this together.It is this very fact that makes it such a privilege to be alive now. Culture, as always, leads the way and films like Inception push the envelope(at last I know what this phrase means).

The point is the ever deepening point. We escape the dead end of walled- in thinking via paradoxical thought. Crop circles and Christopher Nolan films have much in common. They are turning perception inside out, so that we can hold the rational and the irrational at the very same time. It is what lies between and behind that will lead us into the fourth dimension. I’m on my surfboard-Wheeeee!


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