Every once in a while I see a film I love and wonder how I have managed to live my life without ever seeing it before. Holiday is such a film. I’ll see if I can give you a taster and then explain why I like it so much. This will be a technological feat on par with Hepburn doing a forward roll off Grant’s shoulders if I manage it
Yey! I think I’ve done it.
The film looks good and is beautifully photographed. The two stars are at the start of their careers, before the subtle level of self-consciousness sets in, so the patina of the film is silvery and shiny. Both Hepburn and Grant play characters with high energy. They are meant for one another, even though when they meet he is kissing someone else (with vigour unusual for Grant it must be said). It is a love story that works wonderfully because when watching the two of them you know that they are going to have a lot of fun in their life together. It’s a holiday weekend in England and a perfect film to watch if you can.


2 responses to “Holiday

  1. Thank you Allie – I’ll get it on DVD. There’s something curiously attractive about a woman seeing what she needs being done to another and craving it for herself.
    I’m also impressed by your new found technological flamboyance – viva digitus.


  2. Great video post Annie, really liked it!


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