Living the Law

I am that I am are words of great power. Mighty statements like ‘I am’, ‘I will’ , ‘I did’,  unite each one of us with the great, impersonal power of the universe. In that universe there is but one ‘I’, just as there is only one number 1. The other numbers are only derivatives or multiples of that 1. ‘ ‘I’and 1 are the roots from which all individuality springs. This is a profound thought; the sort of thing that my friend Jean Claude and I spend hours wondering over.

 He came around to see me last night and we spent a couple of hours with cups of peppermint tea, chatting about this and that. Jean Claude and I are both celibate at the moment, so we see things clearly and when we talk we go deep. We are both practising what we call living the law. This means we are each living the life of our dreams and we have made this happen by aligning ourselves with the power of the impersonal universe.

The first time I met Jean Claude he was wearing mascara and falling off his platform boots every few yards. As the years went by he became steadier but he always held on to that orphan energy that I found so familiar and appealing. He knows about things that he has brought into this dimension from a long way away. I think he is my soul son. We understand and love one another, Jean Claude and I and have taught each other a great deal.

Over the years we have each of us separately been led over tortuous routes to some very strange places. Sometimes we have journeyed together, mostly, as befits those with orphan status, we have journeyed alone. But the conclusions we have arrived at seem to be in synch.  In the process we have become masters of our destinies. These days we know the law of our being and we cooperate with it.

Each individual who is given the fundamental principles of the Law, will work it out in their own way according to their inherent nature. The law is about mastery of the inner self and the synchronisation of that self with the Higher Self. Force is never the answer inside or out. The true things are locked within the inner mind and should be kept safe there. We cannot show each other how to do this, each has to learn in his or her own time. Faith in one’s self needs to be built slowly. Miracles happen, for within the inner mind is the strength and ability to have anything one desires, without limit. Inner mind is linked directly with the grace of the total universe, which is impersonal and without limits. We each have a staggering amount of power at our command and all we have to do is honestly and willingly go deep and access that grace with focus. To this end we need to practise the power of intensity, something that both Jean Claude and I find easy.

We learned a long time ago that set objectives have to be put in place and then there needs to be form established. The form is generally circular, which means  poles are utilised to set things in motion. All life depends on movement, a lot of it unseen. In everything obedient to the Law, the positive(inner) dominates and governs and the negative(outer) serves. The outer mind needs to be given strict instructions to follow, thus infusing it with the positive qualities of the inner mind.

We are each of us receiving sets. People with no set objectives are tuning into everything and getting nothing, as they are at the mercy of conflicting thoughts. People with clear objectives tune into one thing. Nothing that these people tune into can be withheld. Holding an objective in mind with the intensity of desire,  governs the power with which the force is directed. First we learn how to attain, then we learn how to maintain. This requires the use of the sacred power of silence.The process goes on deep within the privacy of the individual.

Discipline and cooperation are the engines of success. The Power Law often works in paradoxical ways. For example as a culture we tend to look outside and take photographs of what we like, which we then develop and hold the image in our hands. The true way is the reverse. We have each of us the capacity to create desirable pictures within and find them automatically printed in our surroundings. When we learn to do this we have mastery. Our lives line up with our desires and everything feels ‘right’. It is a powerful way to live. Any picture held intensely in mind in bound to come forth. It is the natural outcome of a definite law. Try it!


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