Skin Deep

There I was relaxing in the Spa lounge after my very first pedicure, ever, when into the jacuzzi just outside the window stepped the most gorgeous man. Tall. tense and tattooed, he stood there in the swirling waters, powerful and spent. He was obviously a man who worked hard and relaxed hard. I breathed a deep sigh. The libido had landed. It’s a long time since I felt this level of desire. It’s not going to be my last pedicure.

The foot has such a fragile and sensitive relationship with the rest of the body. Unfortunately I do not have time to go into this now. Dor and I are off to the country with Tottie and a pile of books. There in wet August, I will sit in front of a log fire and contemplate Autumn, which this year is early. Back at the weekend for more about feet and chutney making, my favourite Autumn activity. The man in the jacuzzi disappeared in his 4×4 Porsche without connecting. Anyway when he came out of the water I saw that one of his tattoos was an England flag. Call me shallow but that and the erect mole on his shaved head put me off. A pedicure it appears will only go so far.


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