The Grace of Ghosts

I wonder what the so called hoaxers make of the ghost phenomenon. For years people flying over the crops have noticed that sometimes the outline image of a previous year’s formation appears in the field the following year, in spite of the fact that the field has been ploughed and replanted. How does this happen? It must be that the formation has left some sort of trace- magnetic maybe or even electromagnetic; an echo that is not traceable with any known instrument but is nevertheless there as a memory.

Above is a photograph taken by Steve Alexander of the 20010 circle at Stanton St Bernard, with the ghost of the 2009 hummingbird formation.  This was the first hummingbird formation ever and in the field next to it, clearly visible from the air, was the ghost of the 8/8/08  figure eight formation. This creates a mystery that so far defies explanation.

Those who study circles on the ground, tell of anomalies not there in hoaxed circles, however sophisticated they may look. These include physical changes in the crop, such as expulsion cavities in plant stems and an altered crystalline structure. Also there are magnetised iron spheres, distributed linearly,within the crop formation. Maybe this  explains why snow sometimes melts at the location where a crop circle appeared months before, creating a snow ghost.  Another anomaly is the fact that electronic devices are rendered useless within certain circles.  It would appear that some formations are laid by an unknown energy, capable of changing the temperature of the soil.

 How? Why? No one to date has answered these questions with anything like convincing answers.

Could it be that some form of communication is going on here? I like to think that there is intelligence behind the phenomenon.  Something in the soil is reproducing the host images, even when there are no obvious traces left.  Is there something homeopathic going on?

I know that there are teams working the fields with night vision headsets and flammsehmeisser sprays. I know that none of the designs, clever though they are, are beyond the capabilities of human beings. We are a clever lot.

Yet I truly believe there is more going on here than the material. Ghosts are the new rock and roll. I don’t mean the ones walking around castles with their heads under their arms. These are a new breed of modern ghosts and they come to us courtesy of technology. Ghost circles are appearing in the sky, in ice , in snow. Ghost outlines of ancient cities are appearing deep under the sea. 

One day we may understand the meaning. In the meantime it is well to remember that it is the act of communication that is important, not what it says. Communion. Whatever it is, it comes to us as grace, undeserved and in its simplicity, very beautiful.


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