A Finger in Every Pi

Do you know what it feels like to be in a room with 300 open- minded folk? I’m just back from the Devizes Crop Circle lectures and I do!  I’m not much clearer about the provenance of the circles however. For the moment I am keeping all the options open. Although it is rather obvious, I am facinated by the number of times that Pi makes it into the circles! Pi is the symbolic key that mediates between heaven and earth, so I guess that it would keep turning up here. My alltime favourite glyph is Flock of Swallows, which appeared in 2008 at Alton Priors, over two nights. It came in on the 22nd of  July(22/7). We all know that  22 divided by 7  is the closest you can get to pi in a rational number. You don’t get very far in the study of crop circles without meeting pi in one form or another.  Often the glyphs seem to be about  squaring the circle, which in other words is the marriage of Earth(square) and God(circle) or the reconciliation between this world and that of the Spirit.

The proximity of crop formations to sacred sites (based on hidden and powerful energies) reminds us that there is more to this world than the three dimensional materialism that is our resident view. Beyond the 3D is our real home-the world of spirit where our soul resides in eternity. They work in the same way as standing stones, in that they form a bridge to another way of seeing.

The creation of life on earth is based on a harmonic in the ratio of 6:5 This uses the hexagram and the pentagon, the pattern found in human DNA.  In places of alignment between invocation and our genetic core, their purpose is to awaken us. Within crop formations are found the geometries of the heart. The 6:5 ratio is also the musical interval called the minor third,  used often in lullabies, which are the call of a mother to her child.

We need to heed this, as our earth- mother calls to us. We are stuck  in the material phase of our human development and all our problems are caused by our reliance on mechanical/technical solutions. When we look at crop formations  through eyes that are not focused on our evidenced-based world view(the square),  this  serves to remind us how we are limited by centuries of constrained thinking.  We are being nudged towards the circle and pi the irrationa , because it is the symbolic key that mediates. As Michael Glickman reminds us, “We are already at the centre. Now we need the courage to move outwards.”

 We are being encouraged to square our circle, or perhaps more appropriately, circle our square.

Also in the fields of Wiltshire, in 2008,  the Barbury Pi formation appeared, based on ten fold 36 degrees radial geometry. I wish I could acknowledge the creator of this exposition (perhaps it is Mike Reed the brilliant retired astro physicist who found the solution to the Barbury Rachet spiral). This was an intellectual game played out over a vast expanse of ground. After a couple of weeks  it was realised that if a square was drawn around the whole circle, the right hand side was a natural bridle path(looking down on the circle from the castle tump), making the access to the circle unusually easy and legal.

Whoever or whatever is putting the crop formations down is assisting the widescale integration of the brain of those experiencing them and helping thus to raise the frequency of the planet. This is a force for light and as such is attracting a fair amount of darkness, not least from the people claiming to be making the circles. I am sure they are making some of them and a couple of the culprits were outside the Corn Exchange, baracking the attendees for wasting their money. It was hard to equate these harsh, resentful people with the exquisite and geometrically profound examples in the fields over the years. 

What they do not seem to realise is that  it is the subject that is transformed and not the object. In the process of connecting with these mysteries, whoever put them there, we are being rescued from within.


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