Going Digital

It’s not only our televisions and our music that are going digital. We are too.  I expect we always were and now we are rediscovering what it means.  At the moment we are poised, waiting for the switchover in our thinking, which can’t happen until enough of us ‘see’. Our collective wisdom is no longer following a wave, it is being communicated in binary code. The old way of thinking was like tape cassettes and the new more like compact discs. In this new way of seeing there is no chronological sequence and no logical space. The brain just switches, creating the possibility of multiple manifestations of a single viewpoint. Remember those magic eye books that came out  years ago, when you trained your eyes to look in a certain way and lo and behold there was a lion emerging from the patterning? This is what is happening now and another crop circle has come in to help us on our way. It is a hypercube, so it takes a while for the eyes to adjust to the complexity and the perspective. One cube is complex enough and it wasn’t possible to see that in space until the 16th century. Now we are being encouraged to see a cube with four dimensions. It takes some training and I’ll try my best to add a link http://www.mathematische-basteleien.de/hypercube.htm to help but you know by now that my IT skills (to say nothing of my knowledge of hyperspace) lag way behind my enthusiasm. (Credit for drawing-Tommy Borms)

Never have I been surer that this is an interactive process. It’s not clear to me at this point whether we are listening in or putting out our ideas into the fields of crops. I think it’s really important to keep an open mind. No one knows what is going on and if they say they do they don’t.

What we know is consciousness is changing as rapidly as the machines we are creating. In tandem in fact. We are, whether we like it or not, going digital. Reality is pixel-based, repeating patterns across scales, building all the time into higher and more seemingly complex units that are simply repetition. Mandlebrot showed us how. By understanding our own personal area of pixels(our life) we can extrapolate to the whole and that way we get an idea of the macro-cosmic pattern we are a part of. Wow!

What’s happening is that all this mental juggling, helped along by one of the greatest mysteries of our time, is leading us into a new perspective of our intergalactic home. We are heading for unity but, as Margo Channing says in All About Eve, first it’s going to be  a bumpy ride. I don’t hold with all the apocalyptic musings passing to and fro on the web. There is no point in getting frightened. We are not being shown how to build a space ship-that would be too dense for where we’re going. We are being shown how to see in a different way. And every time we push ourselves a bit further out there into timeless, spaceless transparency,we are helping the plan come into being. We are being shown that the world is created by our collective belief system and the bloodshed and negativity is there because we have projected our collective bad stuff into action and materialisation.

The solution is simple and profound. If we change our thoughts and our belief systems, what is happening  in our world will change and we will come into alignment with our destiny and take our place in the whole.This is the plan. The new is waiting and the veil is getting thinner. Once we break the spell of the analogue, we will be released into the clarity and transparency of our brave new digital world.


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