World Beyond Perspective

One day it will open like a door and we will together walk straight through, into the aperspectival world that Gebser describes but not yet. First we must learn to see in a particular way. The circle that came in yesterday is a brilliant tool for switching between 2D and 3 D. Laid flat on a field in the arms of the ancient and enigmatic Cley Hill (see above), it sits there inviting us all to switch between the two perceptions,  reminding us also that there is another switch coming-the integrating and involving switch to 4D. Then the illumination of essential and ever- present interconnections will become clear to the point of transparency. It is at that point that we will realise that the moment is perfect and, what’s more, goes deep into the eternal moment. We’ve increasingly seen time as a line but it is also a deep, deep point. Quantum mechanics taught us that.

Within the sphere the whole becomes one, as holistic seeing is fully integrated. At the moment we live in a material space/time world that can be mapped in numbers. But I suspect not for long. Our world is going to be turned inside out. We have been well prepared for this. In fact the whole of the 20th century has prepared us for this change. Among many others Picasso and T.S.Eliot led the way, as they started clearing the landslide of rigid thinking, distractions and time anxiety, so that one day the way would be clear for primordial wisdom to be revealed.

Rational consciousness is even at this moment digging its own grave. It started the process with Planck’s revolutionary glimpse into a world that couldn’t be seen. The aperspectival world of quantum physics prepared us gently over the century past, for the massive realisation deep within our cells, that origin is divine; a bubbling through of what is by nature divine and spiritual.

We are already living this truth. The world out there might look as if it’s gone mad but in here we are co creating our revolution into the integral consciousness structure. All it takes is readiness, cooperation and open-mindedness and of its own accord it will come. We are, after all, only pulling together what has always been there. The realisation is that human life is one of the meaningful forms that reveals the integrity of the whole. This is a massive realisation and already we know it.

Where dream and wakefulness are one, we live here with the dead and the unborn, in the heart of creation. When we reach into the depths of ourselves we become invisible and  in that transparency is the secret of our indivisability. Here we live the revolution quietly within being, never wandering lost in the ruins of recollection but rather being, within the place where time is not measured and does not matter.

The twentieth century was the springboard for all this. It taught us to become interconnected and this we are doing and doing well already. Anyone who denies the divine and spiritual nature of  origin denies him or herself for this denies wholeness. Only as a whole person is one able to perceive the whole. We each now must look to our own creation, turn away from the negative and go within. We are living at the end of time. It is already the twenty-first century and we have a task to do-to resolve the division in favour of the whole.


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  1. well said Annie


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