Collective Mind

Together we create myth. We’ve always done this and we always will. Even in a world snatched from under our noses by the power of our self- created machines, we reach towards myth for comfort and nurturing. In the process the myths themselves become alive and self fulfilling.

Rudolf Steiner encouraged us to learn to listen to others and to meet everything new with an attitude of complete openness. It is important to develop the power not to weaken one’s faith in the impression made by something new, however great the opposition. In the end it is not the words that matter but the realisation and recognition of the individual view within the whole. These are rocky times for confidence. The old structures are crumbling and around us everywhere the sad butt of materialism is presenting itself to those who are awake. Faced with the fear of losing it all, we grow stronger and see beyond what we have built and stored and hidden away for our own use and realise that where we are going, it is only the collective that will have any power or value.

This is where myth comes in, for we have nothing else as strong and resilient in our box of tools. Myth rises like life itself from our creative core and links us one to the other and then to the All, as it always has done. Our ancestors had a sense of being a part of the whole, because they produced their food, wove their cloth and built their houses with their own hands. Exhausted at the end of the day, they knew where they were and had a great respect for the cycles and natural weathering they felt in their bones. Lives then were short and brutal but they were connected. We have lost all that and have gone as far down the road to mechanisation as we intend to go. That old myth is dying and the new one taking its place puts us, first as individuals and then collectively, within the picture. We no longer believe that the world is ‘out there’ and that we view it through our rational and sensory systems. The world is within and we have our part in creating it.  Something soulful is awakening within us. We are being called to creativity in a world that has been slowly coming into focus since Planck’s revolutionary idea about the quantum world hit the ground running in 1900. The way we see our world and our place in it has been slowly changing ever since and now we are on the exponential and geronimo! we’re off!  

The universe is being created as we go along and individual soul responsibility is the key to the coming time. There is a power being released that is radical and unstoppable. As we surf towards time- space- freedom, we realise that  belief  is energy and turns the pattern of creation into what we see as reality. As we each do our stuff, so the collective viewpoint shifts. The astonishing glyphs that appear in the fields of Wiltshire, the dancing orbs and shadowy figures, the suggestions of intersteller visitors and templates beamed from afar, all take second place to the power of the mysterious that such events awaken in our machine- rusted souls. Our myths are becoming powerful again. Their potency comes from our belief.

The time is coming for a transition that will turn our belief system inside out. If you like you can see it as an end- time battle between the light and the dark. As humans we exist poised on the pinhead of potentiality. Individuality is but a temporary state. We need to remember in these scary times that the whole thing, material and non material, is the product of Mind and mind, and unity and love is what we are here to learn.

So live with the inconceivable. Live without subscribing to other people’s dogma and belief. Follow the heart, for it will take you to the whole and when you arrive we’ll all be there together.


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  1. Great image for todays post!


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