Keep Integrating the New

This is a post I am reluctant to write but here goes. A morning will come some time soon, when we wake up to news that will change our world for ever. I can only guess what this might be. It could be a crop circle that covers a mile of grain with intricate circles. It could be a tsunami that kills millions. It could be a volcanic eruption that covers the planet with dark ash for months and months. It could be a total collapse of the global banking system, rendering our savings, pensions and salaries into the dust of cyberdigits they became a long time ago. It could be that space storms have knocked out all the satellites and there is no news at at but instead an eerie silence that stretches right across the cyberworld. I can only guess at the scenario but I think you will agree that some big change is on the way and that it will be a change so vast, it will knock us en masse into another groove.

Thus the world, as we know it, will be at an end and a new world will  begin. We will in the days that follow make the necessary transistion to the next cycle. Mankind will then move from individual consciousness into the foretold united consciousness. This might sound like grim forebodings but if you look a little below the surface, you will see that it is, in fact, a message of hope.

It is hopeful message because what looks at the start like loss will lead us into the world that we have long needed to move into but which has been kept from us by the artificial manipulations of those locked in materialism and the love of power. Some years ago I reached a point in my personal life when my body could not accommodate the new energies coming in, so I had to take time out to integrate those parts of myself left behind on the road to my personal now. The same thing is happening to the world. The parts have become too heavy for the frame to carry and integration needs to take place. Sometime collapse is the only way to accomplish this.

In tandem, belief systems are breaking down as they need to. With each disaster they will break down more, until we see what we need to see. This is that we are one and as a species we deserve more than the system that now serves us. Since the Industrial Revolution materialism has edged out the real meaning of living and it is time that cooperation, sharing and love came back into the way of the world .

At the moment the world is run on threats, intimidation, manipulation and greed. It is a total sham and soon it will crumble, for there is a greater plan working its way through the system. But first we have to live through the madness. This is the time to see what is actually going on in the world. Not just in our own backyards but in the total picture. The unsustainable growth, the injustice, the scramble for oil (and the spillages) are all signs of a civilisation in trouble. Collectively we will now create the alternative. The truth.

For the world out there at the moment has been founded on  half truths and doesn’t recognise or understand the power of the collective mind. We know we are part of a greater whole and that our other parts are patiently waiting for us to learn, to see and to catch up. We can only do this next bit together. Remember the next transition is global mind and it will lift us from a crumbling, corrupt set of beliefs  into a fresh, loving, understanding place. It will be like discovering an all seeing eye.

We live in an entangled, holographic quantum reality and we are learning to understand what this means. All we have to do to prepare for the transition is to keep an open mind, live a life based on spirit rather than matter and wait for the call. Then when it comes, we will each of us be integrated, upgraded and ready to together help our world to do the same.


6 responses to “Keep Integrating the New

  1. reminder loud and clear Allie!!


  2. very much inspired Allie, thank you


  3. I hope you gonna like this:



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