Only Connect!

It was E.M.Forster who famously encouraged us to ‘only connect’ and how right he was. Isolation and loneliness are the scourges of the age, which is why so many fall into the elephant trap of addiction; addiction creates the temporary illusion of connectedness, sadly very short lived. So what provides a more concrete sense of well being or grace in this new world, founded as is is on Heisenberg’s great Theory of Uncertainty? We each of us find our own path to grace. Mine is bordered with lavender, sage, rosemary and thyme. Literally.

The garden in The Warren is thriving this year, as we’ve been having lots of sunshine and herbs really do love the sun. When I am out there pottering, I am connecting with something very profound. Myrtle tells me that my garden is full of spirit and sometimes in the early morning, as the sun comes up over the roofs opposite, it takes my breath away. It is at times like this, that I remember that it is important to translate my blessings to my own backyard. There’s a lifetime of wisdom in that last sentence , believe me. I am meditating as I garden. I am also communicating at a deep level with something I don’t understand. I guess it is with the elementals. There is definitely a silent communication going on; a communion even.

I get the same feeling when I contemplate crop circles. An All-seeing eye has just come in, next to the mysterious Chesterton Windmill in Warwickshire. It has appeared close to the site of the 3D Pyramid of 2009. Both are beautiful. I know that the locals will be sighing and the pubs will be full of cynical talk about the clever students from the famous maths dept of The University of Warwick close by. This doesn’t bother me. Once the circle is laid it becomes something else and starts to speak in a language of its own. What it says is different to each recipient. To me, meditating on circles and their shapes brings a deep and profound sense of calm. They speak, after all, in shapes and uplift the soul with the interchange of pattern and energy. They are profoundly natural.

D’ Arcy Wentworth Thompson, a man whose name I deeply envy, had plenty to say on growth and form, including the following:

“It behoves us always to remember that in physics it has taken great men to discover simple things.”  I like it already!  He continues,”They are very great names indeed which we couple with the explanation of the path of a stone, the droop of a chain, the tints of a bubble, the shadows in a cup.”

There is a subtle undertow to this statement that links it in my mind to the circles. Say what you might about them, the answers appear strangely bland compared to the experience of being with them. It is not the conscious that they are appealing to, but the unconscious. Something is being reawakened and they are assisting in the process. What impacts one impacts all. This is important. When the crop in laid completely, accurately, quickly, it is done so via communication of some sort. A sense of consciousness in the land is returning via our unconscious. It is a simple dance of form and we have our instructions. Only connect!


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