Half Way

“Lighten up Mumsie, no wonder your blog isn’t taking off like Julie’s.” That’s Mimi giving her IT challenged mother some support. We had been watching Julie and Julia.”You could so do a food blog-you’re an amazing cook”. I can hardly keep up with the way young people talk, let alone blog, but I accepted the compliment. I think she’s missed the point of what I’m trying to do when introducing the world to my world. I’m actually not that interested in food any more. As you’ve probably noticed I’m on a bit of a mission.

I have been blogging now for six months and have learned a great deal about the process. I have also learned that it is quite difficult to catch and retain the interest of others, so I was keen to get Mimi’s view on things. I do know that I’m up against some stiff competition- There were, after all, 200,000,000 posts on WordPress last month. That’s a lot of noughts.

Sometimes I am writing about things that are relevant to women my age. Post menopause/ zesty grannies if you like, who might identify with what I write about ageing and the inevitable loss of place that accompanies the slide into invisibility(unless one is going the lycra, dangly earring route) But most women my age are sensibly not  glued to computers-they are out there being zesty. But I made a personal commitment to a year of blogging and that’s what I’m going to do. Julie&Julia was a combination of food and car crash and I can see why her blog took off. Food and sex are always winning  subjects, though perhaps not together, not in my experience anyway.

The transition to the next spiritual level is not a winning subject; not yet, because it’s still not obvious what’s up ahead and people are too busy eating to notice. But Mimi’s words didn’t fall on deaf ears, so I thought that , to add a little yeast to my blogging mix, today I would give you my capsule store cupboard food list, off the back of my pantry door.

In those far off days when I was working my socks off,  like poor Julie, during the day and coming home to an evening of catering (not I might add like her kamikasi cooking), I found this list invaluable. A cupboard with the following will get you out of trouble over and over again.

Plain Dark Chocolate
Dried Mushrooms
Pomegranate Molasses
Roasted Red Peppers in oil
Tinned chick peas
Spelt spagetti
Tinned mackerel in tomato sauce
Baked beans
Marigold stock
Quick Quaker oats
Bonite tuna in olive oil
Risotto rice
Brown basmati
Vacuum packed chestnuts
Walnut oil

With good olive oil , best balsamic, onions and garlic that keep for ages, you’re set up for creative cooking. I’ll start you off by suggesting that with cream and cardamom, the chocolate makes a to- die- for- sauce for everyday ice cream. I’d be interested to hear what you devise with the rest.

Or alternatively remember that a fast is the quickest way to cleanse the body. Oops not light enough!


2 responses to “Half Way

  1. No,no,no-don’t worry about that-they are soo/too many light blogs;yours is special because is substantial and truly stimulating. I hesitate to write comments because I’m ESL person and self-conscious about my language skills. And time is an issue too.
    I work/study sometimes 7 days a week, 70 hours a week, I’m single mum with two teenagers with no time to hear myself,to breathe full breaths and you made me stop, pause ,ponder…
    I follow your writing and love your mind.
    Thank you for sharing .
    PS:and- yes, I’ll try your sauce recipe


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