A Pivotal Day

I never meant this to become a crop circle blog but that’s where it seems to be going. So be it; the flow and all that. Today is Saturday and a special one at that. A full moon in Capricorn will appear tonight (with eclipse) in an exact conjunction with Pluto, bringing with it unrest and revolution. Last night when I took Tottie for her walk, there it was, one day off  full, cradled in the trees at the end of my road, so round, full and shining that I had to run indoors and get my camera.

The next full moon (July26) falls in Aquarius and coincides with the most stressful planetary alignment of the year. This will be a pivotal day, setting the foundation for the next decade. So watch out.

Today here in England it is another glorious sunny, rosy day. We haven’t had a summer like this for a few years and I can’t get enough of my garden, where I tweak and toil to the sound of Wimbledon balls bouncing off rackets from countless neighbours’ televisions. Aunty Mu loves Wimbledon, so is happy, heating on full blast no doubt, door wide open, oblivious to a world in trouble and getting her pleasure somehow. ‘I sense what’s happening from the noise,’ she says on the phone,’ It is enough, Allie’.

It is enough. If only I could apply that to my life and relax. But a part of me is afraid that some apocalyptic beast is at this moment slouching our way. This is the trouble with blogging- it puts one in touch with a lot of doom mongering. Thank goodness for Michael Glickman whose book The Bones of God (great title) I’ve been reading this week, along with Gebser and the autobiography of Tony Curtis. The crop circle on the cover is the Barbury castle Pi, the lines of which I have walked myself. In 2008 Jean Claude and I visited several circles and this was one of them. We were puzzled at the time by the rachets, never having seen such a thing before. We didn’t know that day that it mapped Pi or that the bridal path that made it so easy to enter became one side of the square that squared the circle, thus symbolically linking heaven and earth.

Glickman argues that circles are a form of communication, rather than messages. Subtle difference. They are playful and work with numbers and symbols that mean something to us. It is as if they are saying something as simple as ‘we are here to help you at this time’. They are in fact anything we want them to be. They are there to have an effect on us.

As we move into unexplored realms, some of us are noticing that intention produces results; that the universe dances in tune with human consciousness. The stunning realisation follows that this is what is meant by evolving conciousness. Think of how much more we know that our grandparents. We are being moved along the way, nudged by the numinous- for that is what the circles represent. They are beautiful, thought-provoking, geometrically awesome, creative, thought- related and beneficial to crops. What’s not to love?

The universe is sustained by an act of such stupendous creativity, it cannot be reduced to words, let alone equations. As Zen shows us there is an ultimate indivisibility of reality. We must learn to free it from the conceptual pigeonholes of our own making(David Bohm). When Edgar Mitchell returned, as so many of them did, changed by his visit to the moon, he said, ‘Learning is what we are on earth for. We create our own fate because our inner emotional reality draws us into situations from which we can learn’.  The greatest mystery about crop circles isn’t who makes them or what they mean. It’s why so many people refuse to accept them for what they are. However awe inspiring they become, people still think they are made with string and planks! That is the greatest mystery of modern times.

This morning a stunning glyph appeared in barley(see above). Thanks Chris Bird for being up there, and what a great example of nomclamative determinism! Next it will be wheat , the favoured crop for the most spectacular examples. Let us see them and accept them with joy and love. The more of us who see, the more fabulous they will become.


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