Will This Be The Year?

Checking out crop circles certainly brings one face to face with the uncomfortable. They are an intense experience. I have been in half a dozen; one was so fresh the energy made me cry.  That is, after all, their point -to reawaken us to meaning. Look at the latest, a beautiful reverse S-shape of links.  It came in on 16th June at Chirton Bottom, Wiltshire and comments have been slow to arrive. I think we are all dazed by the beauty. It is huge for a start. There are people wandering around in the photo to the left  but they are so small they don’t show up at this scale. Steve Alexander’s photograph is superb; does he hang from the base of the helicopter, I wonder?

The thing about circles is we can’t manipulate them. They are there in their entirety, like portholes into a new state of being. Something monumental this way comes. While half the world sits glued to television screens, we move ever so quietly towards a greater understanding of our inheritance; into a new sense of being. The circles are there to stretch our circuitry, so that we can see what we have never seen before.

Yet millions of people are being deprived of the opportunity to experience this consciousness-expanding phenomenon, because they are turned off by the baffling barrage of negative press. There are man- made circles for sure. Hoaxers act as a safety net for those frightened of what logic cannot explain. Then a circle arrives that really makes you think…

 There is so much that is inexplicable around the formations. An energy is alive in the fields of Wiltshire (and elsewhere) that needs decoding. Crop circles burst like raindrops.. splat… (thanks Terry Pratchett) where the walls between worlds have become weak . Where they happen, you can almost walk from one world to the next. But we’re not at that stage of perception yet…not quite, although we’re well on the way. For the last 15 years the formations have been getting increasingly complex. What they are telling us is important, in that a dialogue has been set in motion and as we stretch our consciousness, so too do we amplify our understanding. It’s worth following the debate on Crop Circle Connector. There is a particularly stimulating article by an Australian artist called John Scott which links alchemical symbols, the Ascii code and the crop circle that has just appeared in Poirino, Italy to come up with a reading. Have a look. It will illustrate what I mean by mind expanding!

Bees dance in this shape yet the chain had broken. The pattern is a reverse sigmoidal with two centres. 27 circles 28 dots. It is not as it appears. Time is not a constant;it is relative. Infinity is incomprehensible. In higher realities time does not exist. It is completely relative in terms of who experiences what and when at any given moment. The world that the circles are leading us into is non Eucidean and multidimensional, like holograms, quantum theory and multiple realities. Paradox abounds here. Time, space, light and dark are all bound together like entanglement theory. The Circlemakers are quantum physicists as well as harbingers. As consciousness moves from the 4th to the 5th level, we are being given guidance. We are on the brink of something huge while the world watches football.


2 responses to “Will This Be The Year?

  1. I share your intrigue and fascination with crop circles – your earlier blog on the Milk Hill 3 part one is especially impressive. Has anyone ever collated all (10,000) of them and sought to possibly de-cipher the “message” I wonder ?


    • Lots of people. But it seems the important message they give is that there is big change in the pipeline and the only way forward is to make a leap in consciousness. Otherwise we are doomed.I believe the change is happening. Love allie


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